1. oldmansupra

    2jz-gte need help identifying hose

    The engine is a 2jz-gte vvti from an aristo. Does anyone know what this hose is for and where it connects?
  2. Christian

    2JZ Overheating Problem

    Hi All, I've updated my MK3 track Supra with a 2JZ-GTE engine. It runs perfectly but just after about 2-3 laps the problem start! The engine overheats and I need to stop the session. The overheating doesn't happen if I drive it on the motorway. I also bought a MKiV supra and exactly...
  3. C

    Koyo radiator temp sensor

    Hey guys, so recently I completed my 2jzgte swap into my 88 NA, but at the time I was a little short on funds to put in the radiator I wanted, so incidentally I have just been running my old 7m radiator, but it wasn't doing the trick, so I finally ordered a koyo radiator, after attempting an...
  4. Djaxle

    SOLVED: Supra Crank No Start

    Hey guys, I got a 1991 Supra Turbo, it's got a lot of mods, but still on stock harness and ECU. It's a 2jzge, t70 turbo, lex AFM, 550cc injectors, and ffim. I tried cranking it after a full rebuild, and it would crank but not start. No fuel or spark. Looks like ECU is either not getting power...
  5. G

    2JZ knock on idle

    Considering that I don't have decent service anywhere around, first want to ask for an opinion over here. 2JZ running 5W30 develops a clear knock when it gets hot. The second I get RPM over 1k the knock either disappears or I simple can't distinguish it out of the all noises...
  6. JJBToyotaSupra

    JJB's 2JZ MK3

    Hey guys, i'm JJB from Steinbach Manitoba Canada. This is my mk3 that i have not driven in 3 years! I completely melted down my fully built 7m 3 years ago and its just been sitting since then. I pulled the motor last summer and took it to a machine shop and found out the pistons were...
  7. S

    Dream's DO come true -*** 90 burgandy MKIII 2JZ swap***PICS FINALLY

    Ok so here i go. my name is AJ and I just turned 21 in February. My first supra was a 90 7mgte i traded a transam with a blown tranny for. built it up with a 60-1 Turbonetics turbo, Delphi 880 injectors, lexus afm and few other mods. was in the process of rebuilding and restoring it and ran out...
  8. D

    Unsure what this is for in the wiring harness.

    Finally got the 2j in and now going through some wiring. I decided to clean up the harness and re-wrap it in electrical tape and I came across this. Asked my friend what it could be he said it might be for emissions but I want to know for sure. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  9. BusterMK3

    MK3 1JZ With 2JZ ECU?

    There is a guy over here in the Atlanta area selling a 1JZ block, 2JZ head, and a 2JZ ECU etc.. Basically everything needed for a 1JZ/2JZ frankenmotor MK3. But my question is are any of you guys running this swap, and have you heard of running a 1JZ with a 2JZ ECU? And for you 1JZ and 2JZ...
  10. MA67SupraTurbo

    ***Steve's 700HP Meth Single 2JZ MKIII (Soon 4 Sale!)

    So right off the bat, some pics... I have been working on this a long time, since I bought it last year October, and have just started to take it out again, testing the new meth and wiring. Youtube "Methanol 2JZ Supra Single Turbo" for a vid of it finally alive before it was garaged...
  11. T

    2jz-gte 1946 chevy truck

    hi i am new to these forums.....i am building a 1946 chevy truck with a custom built frame running a sc300 ifs and irs setup and the 2jzgte motor.....ive been working on this project for about 3 months now and i have almost everypart i need thanks to mr jeff......including leather all power...
  12. M

    BHG, so many options!

    Ok so this is only my second post, but I would like to get some opinions. Ok so my head gasket blew on my 1988 7mgte mk3. I already ordered a HKS stopper style MHG and ARP Studs. I contacted a local shop who has had experience on the mk3. The quoted $800 to remachine the head and block and...
  13. D

    which 2jz to get???

    i was thinking of putting a 2jz in my 90 mk3 turbo in the future but was wondering does it matter what year vehicle i get the motor from is it preferable to get from an mk4 or a lexus? any small details would help, do certain years have differences?
  14. S

    2jzgte vvti afm sensor = 2jzge afm ?????

    can someone tell me if the afm from a 2jzge works for a 2jzgte vvti??
  15. S

    Need MAP sensor for 2JZ GE JDM

    Hello Im doing a 2jz ge jdm swap into a 1990 supra..... I am searching through the forums trying to find more information on the 2jz map sensor, and cannot find it so am hoping someone will respond who can help me. I have a 1990 supra that a friend is helping me fix, however he doesnt have...
  16. S

    wtb 1jz, r154 bellhousing and flywheel

    iam looking for some parts for my swap, i need a 1jz ,r154 bellhousing and flywheel, hmu if someone have this parts, thank you !!!
  17. 1986.5supra_kid

    w58 to r154 swap mk3 supra driveline what parts swap?

    1986.5 supra 7mge now going to 2jz w58 to r154 i know these are different -flywheel -clutch ass. -bell housing -slave -DS but are these parts able to swap to r154? -Clutch master (W58) -clutch hard line (w58) -crossmember (w58) thanks
  18. 1986.5supra_kid

    1986.5 7mge -> 2jzge my very first build.

    Dream car is a mk3, I eventually got one after saving all my lunch money and working since i was 14. I finally bought on in April of 2010 (18yrs old)(now19) when just a few days b4 graduation. i paid for it in over 500 one dollar bills and assortment of other bills but it cost me $1200 it came...