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Hey Jef, you mention a V Class set of break rotors that do not require any shims. The part number you give(OE 4474210012) doesn't seem to populate in RockAuto for me. I was just hoping you might know the Vehicle name and year so I could manually search the brake rotors.
Thanks for your time.
I just went down a rabbit hole with your post with crappy idle and won’t go above 3k rpm. Did u ever find the problem I am currently in your same rabbit hole replacing parts upon parts
Abe's 1987
Abe's 1987
Ended up being a kink in the fuel lines!
Q&A; do the tail lights from a '88 7mgte fit my '86 7mge? ....
Yes. Try and find some new gaskets. 81554-14580 both sides (86.5-88). Be careful not to over tighten. I use a smear of permatex ultra-black silicone for good measure.