1. R

    Crank and no Start- Puzzled

    Hi everyone, I am losing my mind trying to figure out why the car is not starting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1991 Turbo Auto. Recently repaired the BHG. Started fine, would hesitate and die under load. Needed some throttle to cold start. I had to really harass the car one day...
  2. R

    Volt Meter Mod - How to Undo?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of returning my mk3 to stock (never in a million years would I thought I'd be doing this), and in doing so I'm trying to undo the volt meter mod that was done prior to my possession. Its a 92 turbo automatic, and at some point the previous owner replaced the boost...
  3. A

    New to the car world

    Never had anything more than an A to B car. Never owned a manual... Well my highschool best friend ran into some finical trouble and doesnt have the budget to give her the care she needed and I ended up with his 86 Supra 7mtge swapped. Would love if someone with experience could offer there...
  4. M

    R154 Release Hub

    Does anyone know where to get the parts for the hub? I've seen kits, but they would take too long to arrive. Figured maybe ordering things separately would be quicker. i would need everything as somehow mine got blown. Thanks in advance! 7mgte-R154
  5. laxboy36

    1ZZ coil part number

    Soo I think I’ve looked everywhere to find the correct part number for these coils but what is the correct part number for the 1ZZ coil? I see DM sells them but for like $80 per and just want to shop around, I’ve also seen some MSD style coils. I have the Fornari Racing plate.
  6. M

    R154 Issue

    Im writing this at 2 am. recently my transmission gave out. Clutch pedal lost pressure and won't go into gear (obviously). I jacked it up and took the inspection plate off where I was able to see that everything (bearings and such) just hanging there. does anyone know what could've caused this...
  7. Q

    7MGTE Build

    hey just finished my 7mgte Build for my 1990 mk3 supra made a YouTube video for anyone interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4FWJHsnUtU
  8. D

    Intermittent 7mgte misfire

    Having an intermittent misfire with my 1989 7mgte r154. Car was originally auto and manual swapped about a 2 months ago. The car is having a miss and stumble under load, and while it is doing this the car is leaning out. Its a stumble, to the point where the car jerks slightly. It is not hitting...
  9. S

    No power at fuel pump relay after hks vpc install 7mgte

    Like the title says no power at the fuel pump relay.... all fuses are good, pump will work with the diagnosis box jumped. I did take the maf sensor out after installing the vpc..... car will run but only if I jump the diagnosis box. I did find the maf sensor has a switch for the fuel...
  10. T

    87 7mGTE no spark

    Hey guys, So I've got an 87 7mgte, stock everything. I was in the store when it was raining heavily, attempted to crank it and it wouldnt spark at all. We retimed it, nothing. We tried a known good ignitor, coilpack, and shot out the cps (which checked good, air gap as well). Any ideas or tips...
  11. D

    7mgte knock sound in motor

    Help!!!! I was drifting around in my 87 supra last night and when I had finished it started to lose all power and barely wanted to stay on. we had to tow it home and this morning it started to make a knocking noise in the engine bay and it sounds like something wrong with the cams or pistons...
  12. K3vdaw6

    7mgte starts runs rough then dies

    hello all. close to stock 1989 supra turbo w/r154 Having some issues. Sometimes(not all the time) when I start my supra its runs really rough then dies. If I start it and keep the revs up, put it in gear and go it wont die. sounds like its missing a couple cylinders when it runs rough like...
  13. Oaks

    Oaks' MX62 7MGTE Drift Build

    I picked up this '81 Cressida a few months ago. It was all original and stock when I bought it. The 5me engine that was in it was a good running engine. After daily driving it for a while it decided to throw a bearing:3d_frown:. I could have thrown a new bearing in but I came across a good...
  14. K3vdaw6

    winter storage advice

    Ok so sadly I live in Ontario Canada and have to store my mk3 for the winter. This is the first time ive had to park a car for a season. I have an indoor space ready to go. Not sure if its heated or not but at least its out of the snow. Im looking for some tips for storing my car from people...
  15. MeowBox

    Machine shops in the bay area for rebuilding 7mgte bottom end

    I'm fed up with calling shops and finding out that they don't know anything about 7m's. I've checked so many forums for advice but to no avail. Can anyone recommend me a good shop in the bay that can rebuild a 7mgte bottom end? -Thanks a bunch
  16. U

    In the market for an MKIII Supra

    First off I hope I'm posting this in the correct place and I'm sorry if I am not. I've been out of the "Supra game" for a while not going on to different cars and eventually leasing a new car 3 years ago and the time has come to buy an other car again. I've been searching good ol' craiglist...
  17. 8

    Dying on acceleration, car dies after reving it, 7mgte project

    Alright so i gutted my supra and took everything that was not necessary out of it. I have a 1987 toyota supra with a 7mgte motor. The engine harness is the only stock harness in the car everything else is made from scratch and anything not attached to a vital engine component was removed. I...
  18. peer648

    AFPR sounds loud ?

    My Aeromotive fpr from driftmotion ''tick,tick'' pretty loudly and kinda go a little sideways in the same time. Like a hammer was hitting the inside. It's doing it continuously. I can't remember if it was like that in the begining. Is there something wrong with it ? Does any sound or movement...
  19. K

    How to PROPERLY rebuild a 7mgte by KMP

    First of all, all information provided in this thread comes from my personal experience with the 7m and other various engines i have worked with in my life. All the tricks, custom mods and all the assumptions i'll make are for ME, the best way to properly rebuild a 7m engine. I don't expect...
  20. kaveen94

    Finally a turbo in my life! My JDM GT Limited

    So here it goes, this is the story of my black JDM GT Limited but before that, lets get some background info first! It all started when I was a lot younger, my best mates brother had an awesome power house of a supra and from time to time he got my mates and I to do minor work on it and...