1. Untouchable7mgte

    1JZ Bogs when touch the throttle at all

    hey guys, just got my 1JZ into my 240. it starts up and idle perfect but as soon as i touch the throttle it just bogs out and stumbles until comes back to normal idle. ive already check crank sensor, cam sensors, test and adjust my TPS. After adjusting my TPS it would even start until i loosen...
  2. TurboToy-R

    MK3 Quick Burnout

    Hey all, Been a long time since I have been active on here, or for driving my Supra much for that matter. Sadly been in storage and have been just to busy to drive it, and broke! Here is a quick vid I enjoy that always puts a smile on my face. Cheers, John https://youtu.be/OeWIOH0hgZM
  3. O

    1jz surging idle running rich im about to burn it

    So ive read tons of threads and haven't gotten really any where. Story time!! I have a sc300 bought a 1jzgte r154 ecu and harness threw it at the car Re calibrated tps bought a 2jzgte map new plugs water pump main seals timing belt clutch ect Motor is stock just fmic and down pipe straight...
  4. C

    Koyo radiator temp sensor

    Hey guys, so recently I completed my 2jzgte swap into my 88 NA, but at the time I was a little short on funds to put in the radiator I wanted, so incidentally I have just been running my old 7m radiator, but it wasn't doing the trick, so I finally ordered a koyo radiator, after attempting an...
  5. D

    Another MKIII 1JZ swap.

    Greetings from Wisconsin everyone. Now that is finally starting to warm up I can start working on the supra. It all started in January when I saw a local Facebook ad of a 1990 Toyota supra turbo roller. As a roller obviously it didn't come with an engine, Trans or driveshaft. The car itself I...
  6. 1

    Am I asking too much?

    Hey this isnt really a fs thread but I'm wondering if 8k for this is too much to ask. 65k~ on the engine and trans 140~ on the chassis I need to sell this quick and buy a truck to haul my tools for school. http://salem.craigslist.org/cto/4406185796.html
  7. S

    Speedo not working?

    Hey guys, I'm currently away from home but my mate is looking after my mk3 supra It's got the digital dash in it with the 1j conversion to manual as well And the other day the speedo went to 0 and has stayed like that since. He had checked the sensor on the tran box and it seems fine. What...
  8. 1990MA70

    First car, First Build. 1jz-gte 1990 Supra

    BUILD PARTS LIST (Build start's after) Engine & Drivetrain: -Soarer 1jz-gte -R154 -ACT HDSS Clutch -4:30 LSD (Stock) -Stock bottom end (Rod, Piston, Crank, all untouched) -Stock cam's, springs, retainers -Oem headgasket -ARP Headstuds -Greddy Timing belt -Mild Port & Polish head Turbo &...
  9. SupraSean

    How bad would a 1j run on a .032-.034 Plug Gap?

    Basically when i put the plugs in, still thinking in a 7m point of view I gapped the plugs to like .032 ish. No codes but car runs like crap, gauge indicates up to 4 psi before totally cutting out but nonetheless only runs decent at like -1/4 Throttle. Couldnt find a cracked coil. also if at...
  10. T

    w58 to r154 swap need help!

    so right now i am doing a full engine/tranny swap on my RHD 1990 Supra it had the 1g-gte in it before with w58 tranny and im putting in the 1jzgte VVti with R154 tranny and right now where i am sitting is the shifter doesnt line up because the r154 is longer by like an inch and i really dont...
  11. emiliorescigno

    Emilio's NewRedSupra

    Maybe it’s time I made a build/progress thread for my new(est) Supra that’s come into my possession. I’ve been into Supras for quite some time, but I don’t think I’m particularly well known around the forums. A little background about myself to start: I bought my first Supra in April of 2006...
  12. T

    1g-gte help

    My 1G-GTE got a slight rod knock :( its out of the car right now, we found the problem but i need to know this information to fix it. can anyone help me? or locate me in the right direction i need to know specs for the 1g-gte 2L TT - Torque Valves - Rods - Mains - Cyl head - crank shaft -...
  13. B

    1JZ AEM V2 Setup

    I recently bought a AEMv2 for my 1JZGTE and i wanted to know what sensors do i need to be able to tune for 450-500HP @20psi? Ive been told by arron that the stock 1jz IAT sensor can work and IF i dont plan on making more then 14psi i can use my stock 2jz map sensor but ive used my car at...
  14. BusterMK3

    MK3 1JZ With 2JZ ECU?

    There is a guy over here in the Atlanta area selling a 1JZ block, 2JZ head, and a 2JZ ECU etc.. Basically everything needed for a 1JZ/2JZ frankenmotor MK3. But my question is are any of you guys running this swap, and have you heard of running a 1JZ with a 2JZ ECU? And for you 1JZ and 2JZ...
  15. T

    Stand Alone Weak Spark

    I am hoping the global community can help me solve this problem. I have fitted a 1JZ-GTE VVTi into a e46 BMW 318ti. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151405161805440.853369.564250439&type=3&l=4da358a866 I am having weak spark problems which I have to mask by running 0.50mm gaps...
  16. J

    Military member in need of hands on 1JZ swap building

    Hey, I have had my MK3 for some time now and I recently bought the 1JZGTE for it. I have the old 7MGE out and the 1JZ is on a stand in my garage. I was looking to find a group of people in the NJ area that can come over and help me get this project finished. I already have most of the parts...
  17. tye-bo

    1JZ-GTE VVTi BOV Mod

    Tired of the turbo kicking in at 3000rpm? Tired of having no low end torque? If you perform this modification to you OE BOV, you essentially turn it into a standard BOV and it works of the push pull principle. It is very simple to perform this mod, remove the BOV and get a 1/8" NPT fitting...
  18. marks332

    1JZ-GTE Engine swap, Info needed Please!!

    I Have a 1992 supra and I have been searching and searching over the last few weeks for specifics on which parts i will need to complete a full engine swap from a 7M-GE to a 1JZ-GTE. Im going all the way but i cannot seem to find a full list of the things i will need.i know there are a lot of...
  19. marks332

    What bellhousing a will fit 7MGE engine?

    I am getting the R154 tranny because I need a new transmission and also because I plan to get a better engine. I just want to know which bellhousing I need to get, if any, that will fit my current engine (7MGE) and also the (7MGTE or 1JZ).
  20. P

    Supra Drift in Canada

    Short clip of me drifting my 1JZ'd MK3 at Western Speedway on Vancouver Island. Fun time. Drift trains all day long :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGPbW0LDSHg&list=UU8Gkc4dsFCYqehgRFXLokWQ&index=1&feature=plcp There's more vids on my channel with my MK3 in them. Check em out. Enjoy!