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  • Hey I saw your post on wheel fitment but could not see pics I am about to buy a set of tsw wheels
    18x8F with 235/40/18 and 18x9.5R with 275/35/18 pritty much exact same combo my 2 problem questions are what offsets TSW only has
    +20 or +40 offsets and I want everything to look as flush as possable BUT car is stock and I do not want to lower car or roll fenders....

    2nd ownere of bone stock 91 turbo bought last fall and quickly turning into an obsession
    hey man.. Supra is doing great. The only thing ive done to it is replace the alt with a 93 SC300 unit. Works like a charm. The car itself is running like a champ, though i have yet to put it through its paces. I have been thinking about going single but then... eh... thinking maybe ill wait until the stockers begin to whine. Though i do not see that to be an issue yet as the stockers still boost strong and spool quickly with no funny noises or smoke. I am really loving this car.. still feel as though its too much car for me sometimes due to the fact that its the first turbo ive owned. All in all, this is one well built beast. As i understand it, you had a lot to do with the quality of the swap. It may sound kind of strange but i would like to thank you for building such a solid machine. Apologies for not replying sooner as i have been out of town house sitting for some friends.
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