1. M

    R154 Release Hub

    Does anyone know where to get the parts for the hub? I've seen kits, but they would take too long to arrive. Figured maybe ordering things separately would be quicker. i would need everything as somehow mine got blown. Thanks in advance! 7mgte-R154
  2. M

    R154 Issue

    Im writing this at 2 am. recently my transmission gave out. Clutch pedal lost pressure and won't go into gear (obviously). I jacked it up and took the inspection plate off where I was able to see that everything (bearings and such) just hanging there. does anyone know what could've caused this...
  3. 3

    I need help finding a R154 speedometer gear assembly

    HI, this is my first post on supramania. So way back, years and years ago when I bought a r154 transmission for my MKIII Supra project, after I got the transmission home, the guy I bought it from asked if I would trade speedometer gear assemblies with him. He needed the gear that matches up...
  4. 3

    I need Help finding a R154 Speedometer gear and assembly

    HI, this is my first post on supramania. So way back, years and years ago when I bought a r154 transmission for my MKIII Supra project, after I got the transmission home, the guy I bought it from asked if I would trade speedometer gear assemblies with him. He needed the gear that...
  5. G

    Clutch master cylinders: R154 vs. W58

    Im in the process of swaping a turbo motor and tranny into my na car. I went to push my clutch pedal down and my clutch wouldnt fully disengage. I know this because when i had it in first and the clutch pedal to the floor, the back wheels would be stupid hard to move. Also i couldnt get into any...
  6. M

    Need help on my mk3! Bay area to Central Valley California.

    Hi. I'm in need of help on swapping my 7mgte on my mk3 supra. Engine came from a 89 mk3 (grey plug) with r154. I just changed the clutch on it. Basically just needing help to finish the swap. 408-643-3828 Kelvin I live in Stockton Ca. Call or text me anytime.
  7. S

    Will a r154 driveshaft fit a w58 transmission?

    Will the front shaft of a r154 driveshaft fit into a w58 transmission? And if so can rhe r154 front shaft bolt on to the rear shaft of an auto a340e driveshaft? (I'm working on a 5 speed swap, picked up what I thought was a w58 driveshaft but turned out to be the r154) :1zhelp::1zhelp:
  8. 1990MA70

    First car, First Build. 1jz-gte 1990 Supra

    BUILD PARTS LIST (Build start's after) Engine & Drivetrain: -Soarer 1jz-gte -R154 -ACT HDSS Clutch -4:30 LSD (Stock) -Stock bottom end (Rod, Piston, Crank, all untouched) -Stock cam's, springs, retainers -Oem headgasket -ARP Headstuds -Greddy Timing belt -Mild Port & Polish head Turbo &...
  9. 4

    r154 clutch release hub kit??were to get one?

    so ive searched all over and the only place I seem to be able to find this kit is on driftmotions I was curious if theres anywere else I could get it from???
  10. suprafreak65

    r154 clutch issue.

    About 6 months ago i bought a 1987 supra turbo off a guy for $750. it had a new motor but everything needed to be assembled. after about ~$1500 later i got everything good and running.…i moved it across the yard and parked it. I tried to move it again and when i push the clutch in, it makes a...
  11. MD_Co

    How to remove the Reverse Light Switch connector on R154?!

    Hey All, So I'm in the middle of tearing down my 7MGTE to fix its BHG. I'm doing the BHG fix with the engine/trans in the car. I've got nearly everything off and am close to being able to remove the head bolts, but I'm stuck on how to get this darn reverse light connector removed from the top...
  12. F

    R154 Shifter Issues

    So i am having a constant struggle with my shifter sticking and looking for a little help. The shifter is sticking in gear beacuse the plate (the one with the arrow next to it) has deformed and has bent outward. Since the opening has gotten wider the rounded washer under that plate is now...
  13. T

    w58 to r154 swap need help!

    so right now i am doing a full engine/tranny swap on my RHD 1990 Supra it had the 1g-gte in it before with w58 tranny and im putting in the 1jzgte VVti with R154 tranny and right now where i am sitting is the shifter doesnt line up because the r154 is longer by like an inch and i really dont...
  14. DOUBL3 D

    Nashman V2 vs C'/Other R154 Short Shifters

    Alright, I have posted in this thread http://www.supramania.com/forums/showthread.php?90984-What-would-you-do-C-s-or-Nashman-v2-shifter&highlight=nashman in the JZ section about what shifter is better with no response, so I will open it up here. Mods do as you see fit. I currently have a C's...
  15. marks332

    What bellhousing a will fit 7MGE engine?

    I am getting the R154 tranny because I need a new transmission and also because I plan to get a better engine. I just want to know which bellhousing I need to get, if any, that will fit my current engine (7MGE) and also the (7MGTE or 1JZ).
  16. harojake

    Clutch question

    So I have a 89 turbo with new r154 fidanza flywheel exedy clutch master cylinder and lines. All new about 5 months ago. The slave went out over the winter (storage) and I put a new factory slave one and bleed it about 20 times. I can see it moving the clutch in and out but still won't let me go...
  17. L

    Drive shaft uncertainty

    Hey Guys, I am new in the world of supra and i need a little help figuring this out.I swapped out a 7mge for a 7gte and coupled it up with a r154 tranny but i am not sure if the drive shaft from the w58 will work with the r154.Knowledge will be appreciated.
  18. harojake

    R154 problem Please help

    So I have a 89 7mgte with a r154 has a exedy clutch fendeza flywheel new clutch master cylinder and lines on a new trans. It say over the winter and when I went to take it out to put some fresh gas in it I pushed the clutch in and it felt like it was hanging up or grinding now when i push in the...
  19. SC300fivespd

    i dont always mod cars, but when i do..

    Here it is guys, i know some of you have been waiting for this for a while now, and noticed I haven't really posted anything about my car in a super long ass time. no i didn't sell the car, it has been going through MAJOR changes! last you guys saw it was at this stage.. 1. Well, this bad...
  20. S

    wtb 1jz, r154 bellhousing and flywheel

    iam looking for some parts for my swap, i need a 1jz ,r154 bellhousing and flywheel, hmu if someone have this parts, thank you !!!