1. G

    Portland Oregon No-Start Mystery

    Hey guys, first time poster. Hoping to find someone near my area to come out and help me solve this. Ill cut right to the chase. This is an 87 mk3 7mgte automatic with about 230000 miles. I have a no-start condition with codes 12 and 51. Began 2 months ago. When running, i would shift into...
  2. K3vdaw6

    7mgte starts runs rough then dies

    hello all. close to stock 1989 supra turbo w/r154 Having some issues. Sometimes(not all the time) when I start my supra its runs really rough then dies. If I start it and keep the revs up, put it in gear and go it wont die. sounds like its missing a couple cylinders when it runs rough like...
  3. C

    Back for the 1st time

    I couldn't log into my old supramania account because it was associated with an old Facebook page. So I'm back! I recently purchased a 87 7mge (auto). This is going to be a frame up resto. Everything must go with the car.. I want to drop a 2jgte in with a 5 speed. Im thinking about a couple...
  4. Y

    1990 Toyota Supra Front nose

    The front nose on my '90 Supra is damaged and I need a new one, only been able to find a couple online, does anyone know the best place to find one for a decent price Here's a couple for reference, I was hoping to pay less than $125...
  5. K3vdaw6

    winter storage advice

    Ok so sadly I live in Ontario Canada and have to store my mk3 for the winter. This is the first time ive had to park a car for a season. I have an indoor space ready to go. Not sure if its heated or not but at least its out of the snow. Im looking for some tips for storing my car from people...
  6. Y

    1988 supra parts will fit a 1990?

    I have a possible 1988 supra for parts, worth about $200, will the parts in the interior (console, seats, original radio, etc) fit in my 1990 supra turbo?
  7. O

    2jzge cylinder head needed phoenix az hmu asap

    Looking for a 2jzge cylinder head in good shape that makes good compression.
  8. Grandavi

    MA70 - KW Swaybars - Am I the only one?

    I am putting KW Sway bars on my 88 Supra. Odd thing... the shop found them for me, but the web doesn't show they exist. Looking for a spec sheet for comparison and will know how they perform (more or less) on Tuesday. Anyone else have these or heard of them? - Fronts (compared to stock) -...
  9. bluebullet89

    MKIII Clear Bra Template

    So.... after i repaint the supra (im going show quality) i REALLY wanna protect the front end from rock chips. I'm curious to see if there is enough interest in this so i know whether or not it would be worth making a full Template that people could purchase and layout on a full sheet of...
  10. M

    Need help on my mk3! Bay area to Central Valley California.

    Hi. I'm in need of help on swapping my 7mgte on my mk3 supra. Engine came from a 89 mk3 (grey plug) with r154. I just changed the clutch on it. Basically just needing help to finish the swap. 408-643-3828 Kelvin I live in Stockton Ca. Call or text me anytime.
  11. C

    7mge to 7mgte swap

    Hey guys, So I have a 1990 Supra, non-turbo and I am doing a 7MGTE swap. What I want to know, is what else do I absolutely NEED (as in, it is mandatory for the swap right away? if it can take place later on, then it will have to wait) for the swap. I know along with the engine, I will need...
  12. D

    Another MKIII 1JZ swap.

    Greetings from Wisconsin everyone. Now that is finally starting to warm up I can start working on the supra. It all started in January when I saw a local Facebook ad of a 1990 Toyota supra turbo roller. As a roller obviously it didn't come with an engine, Trans or driveshaft. The car itself I...
  13. S

    Speedo not working?

    Hey guys, I'm currently away from home but my mate is looking after my mk3 supra It's got the digital dash in it with the 1j conversion to manual as well And the other day the speedo went to 0 and has stayed like that since. He had checked the sensor on the tran box and it seems fine. What...
  14. Pyro15D

    The LHD Digidash Bible

    With all the talk about digital dashes and how everyone else in the world gets them but us in the States, this should hopefully turn out to be a good thread. A couple months ago, I, like many others before me, decided to attempt the project on my own. My goals with this were to find a way to...
  15. D

    losing power and smokes

    I don't know what going on with my supra, but after its been sitting for a while when your shifting it feels like your loosing power like your gonna stall out and there puff's of black smokes. The smokes will disappear after the engine warms up but that losing of power is still there. Everything...
  16. J

    suggestions on what to do with 87 supra na

    I have an 87 supra I plan to build this winter im thinking to do an r 154 swap and either rebuild the 7mge block to be a turbo or to buy a 7mgte or a 2jzte I'm open to suggestions and would lile to know where to begin with this
  17. L

    89 7mgte burns oil when it gets to op. Temp

    I'm new to the supra game I just bought this 89 7mgte a couple months ago from an older man probably in his 50s he says there's a 3 year old jasper engine in it and a 1 year old ct26 everything looks fresh and it ran good. Then I take it home and the first time I lay into the pedal the radiator...
  18. debrucer

    Clutch Question - What Do I Really Have?

    When I purchased the Supra I went out and bought an engine gasket set, water pump, and clutch cover, plate and bearing from the local imported parts store. The total cost was $254 for the stock Jap replacement pressure place, disk and throw-out bearing.. After deciding to keep and improve the...
  19. donnie N.

    New Brakes still having problems.89 Mk3

    Allright lets start with the list of new parts ten ill tell you the problem.Starting with all four drilled and slotted rotors and pads.Next is all four stainless steel lines and two new remanufactured front calipers.After all that was replaced had no problems for about i dont know 5k maybe or...
  20. ReapeR_Spurz89

    Auto Transmission Difference

    Ok so pretty Much right now i have a 1987 Mk3 with an A340E transmission that is going bad, i have been calling around trying to find one, a question came up to me who i asked a toyota tech who didn't even have an answer for, so here is there question, would a auto transmission out of a turbo...