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  • I just found out that Raptor Racing will ship Shine items from Canada (so we dont have to deal with customs on this end)
    very good, thanks. And thank you for the new pics in your thread. I can see the sideskirts on your car.. going to run with those on mine. I just have to decide on the hood. I like the stout hood and have a chance to pick up a replica (2 years old, but never taken out of the box). My only fear is that it has no way of keeping rain out of the engine bay (that I can see). The guy is selling it for 780.00 which is good providing it is done well. Carbon fibre body parts scare me a little because I have never had them exterior-wise.
    Dumping about 8500.00 onto the body and paint in the next 3-4 weeks so I am trying to make sure I dont screw up something and end up having to do a revision - B like you.. hehe. (or C,D,E and F) : )
    Hi. There is no deal going through me to buy Shine stuff. I don't distribute Shine products. The owner and I are good buddies, I just help him out for fun.
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