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  • I've been searching across the Web for a diffuser for the mk3. The only thing I have been able to find was your group buy awhile back for the Varis. Is there any possibility of acquiring one of these pieces of hardware at this point in time or was this more of a one time deal?
    Hey rodel i was viewing some old post and noticed the shine air guide that fits in the 89+ bumpers after hacking out the center bars (correct me if im wrong). Ive heard your the man when it comes to shineautoparts and was wondering how do i go about purchasing one? Is it group buy or special ordered? Also their website is under construction so i couldnt find any link. Also your private msg inbox is full!
    Rodel.. you get some kind of deal/props if we go through you with Shine? (just wondering because I am going to be buying my body kit now.
    : )
    Thanks, black87turbo. They are Abflug parts, replicated by Shineautoproject. If you're interested in a purchasing a set, let me know.
    You have a good looking ride man! I just felt like I needed to share my thoughts. What rears and side-skirts are those?
    I'm in the Rowland Heights/WestCovina area. Are you in If not, sign up!
    Thanks for the compliment.

    I adjusted the headlight arm so that the headlight opens halfway up....then I used the Pivot controller so that the headlights close to the normal position. (Dont forget...the Pivot controller controls the downward movement, not upward).
    hey sick ride looking good so far...i had a question about the headlights because i did the same kinda setup but i can't get them to open and close half way (sleepeye) i tried the pivot controller but 1 opens shorter then the other .... i was wondering if u could please advise me on wut i could do thanks
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