1. M

    R154 Release Hub

    Does anyone know where to get the parts for the hub? I've seen kits, but they would take too long to arrive. Figured maybe ordering things separately would be quicker. i would need everything as somehow mine got blown. Thanks in advance! 7mgte-R154
  2. G

    Hatch bump stop installation

    Hi guys, i wanted to do a quick write up on the install of the Driftmotion hatch bump stop kit on my 87. Starting with the cylinder shaped stops under the wing, they pull right out with a twist, no screws. To install the new ones, i assumed the same technique would work, and it did...for the...
  3. G

    Bypass; Heater Control Valve

    The other day i was replacing my coolant hoses and noticed that the bottom heater control valve hose had never been touched. After removing the 2 hoses i saw how deteriorated the outlets were. I did some reading and decided to bypass the valve instead of trying to replace it. From what i...
  4. G

    Portland Oregon No-Start Mystery

    Hey guys, first time poster. Hoping to find someone near my area to come out and help me solve this. Ill cut right to the chase. This is an 87 mk3 7mgte automatic with about 230000 miles. I have a no-start condition with codes 12 and 51. Began 2 months ago. When running, i would shift into...
  5. K

    Scrap heap save

    Hello all, So I was never expecting to end up on a supra forum to be completely honest. I am a Subaru kid. However 1 day I went to a junkyard near me and they had just received a 1987 Toyota supra turbo for scrap. It had blown the head gasket and the turbocharger. Interior was kinda gross...
  6. K3vdaw6

    7mgte starts runs rough then dies

    hello all. close to stock 1989 supra turbo w/r154 Having some issues. Sometimes(not all the time) when I start my supra its runs really rough then dies. If I start it and keep the revs up, put it in gear and go it wont die. sounds like its missing a couple cylinders when it runs rough like...
  7. C

    Back for the 1st time

    I couldn't log into my old supramania account because it was associated with an old Facebook page. So I'm back! I recently purchased a 87 7mge (auto). This is going to be a frame up resto. Everything must go with the car.. I want to drop a 2jgte in with a 5 speed. Im thinking about a couple...
  8. K3vdaw6

    winter storage advice

    Ok so sadly I live in Ontario Canada and have to store my mk3 for the winter. This is the first time ive had to park a car for a season. I have an indoor space ready to go. Not sure if its heated or not but at least its out of the snow. Im looking for some tips for storing my car from people...
  9. Christian

    2JZ Overheating Problem

    Hi All, I've updated my MK3 track Supra with a 2JZ-GTE engine. It runs perfectly but just after about 2-3 laps the problem start! The engine overheats and I need to stop the session. The overheating doesn't happen if I drive it on the motorway. I also bought a MKiV supra and exactly...
  10. O

    2jzge cylinder head needed phoenix az hmu asap

    Looking for a 2jzge cylinder head in good shape that makes good compression.
  11. G

    Help with mk3 vacuum

    While rebuilding my 7mge with new head gasket, I seem to have broke a vacuum line fitting on this part ---> . Can I just block it off with epoxy or do i need a new one. Thanks - Greg
  12. M

    Need help on my mk3! Bay area to Central Valley California.

    Hi. I'm in need of help on swapping my 7mgte on my mk3 supra. Engine came from a 89 mk3 (grey plug) with r154. I just changed the clutch on it. Basically just needing help to finish the swap. 408-643-3828 Kelvin I live in Stockton Ca. Call or text me anytime.
  13. Htown88Turbo

    Nick/Htown88's Build

    Hey guys, finally got around to posting a little bit about my car, (again lol) at the insistence of JDMMA70. I got my 88 7mgte targa in homo blue from the original owner in January 2014 after a DUI-asshole totaled my parked 86 1/2. My first mission with the new whip was to replace the...
  14. JJBToyotaSupra

    JJB's 2JZ MK3

    Hey guys, i'm JJB from Steinbach Manitoba Canada. This is my mk3 that i have not driven in 3 years! I completely melted down my fully built 7m 3 years ago and its just been sitting since then. I pulled the motor last summer and took it to a machine shop and found out the pistons were...
  15. Htown88Turbo

    Greetings from the Houston area

    Hey everyone, I'm a Mk.3 owner twice-over. I'm Nick. I had my first car (a red 86.5) for 6 months before an intoxicated driver hit and totaled it. (while it was parked, luckily) It was too late however, I was bit by the Mk.3 bug. I replaced it less than a month later with a low-mileage blue 88...
  16. D

    Unsure what this is for in the wiring harness.

    Finally got the 2j in and now going through some wiring. I decided to clean up the harness and re-wrap it in electrical tape and I came across this. Asked my friend what it could be he said it might be for emissions but I want to know for sure. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  17. D

    IS300 coil packs with 7MGTE igniter?

    Just some background info: Swapping a 2jzge into a mk3 supra using 7MGTE electronics. So far I've swapped over the necessary sensors (knock, coolant, etc.). Moving onto the ignition setup, I have the IS300 coil packs and vvti igniter. But from what I've seen, if I use the vvti igniter...
  18. E

    Oil Leak

    hey guys i know this is a very broad subject to touch on and i dont really know if you guys can help me out with my problem but any thing helps. so me n my pops rebuilt my 7mgte and when when everything was finished and when we got the car running it started to leak oil it was a little bit at...
  19. S

    Tein Super Streets Coilovers

    I am looking to buy some coilovers for my mkIII but i am not sure where to buy them. I wanted some tein super streets coilovers. does anyone know where is a reliable source to purchase them from? also does anyone recommend any other type of coils for my mkIII
  20. D

    losing power and smokes

    I don't know what going on with my supra, but after its been sitting for a while when your shifting it feels like your loosing power like your gonna stall out and there puff's of black smokes. The smokes will disappear after the engine warms up but that losing of power is still there. Everything...