1. Q

    7MGTE Build

    hey just finished my 7mgte Build for my 1990 mk3 supra made a YouTube video for anyone interested.
  2. Oaks

    Oaks' MX62 7MGTE Drift Build

    I picked up this '81 Cressida a few months ago. It was all original and stock when I bought it. The 5me engine that was in it was a good running engine. After daily driving it for a while it decided to throw a bearing:3d_frown:. I could have thrown a new bearing in but I came across a good...
  3. Htown88Turbo

    Nick/Htown88's Build

    Hey guys, finally got around to posting a little bit about my car, (again lol) at the insistence of JDMMA70. I got my 88 7mgte targa in homo blue from the original owner in January 2014 after a DUI-asshole totaled my parked 86 1/2. My first mission with the new whip was to replace the...
  4. D

    Another MKIII 1JZ swap.

    Greetings from Wisconsin everyone. Now that is finally starting to warm up I can start working on the supra. It all started in January when I saw a local Facebook ad of a 1990 Toyota supra turbo roller. As a roller obviously it didn't come with an engine, Trans or driveshaft. The car itself I...
  5. C

    wide body ideas, and thoughts.

    i have a mk3 supra i have been slowly building over the past couple of years. the plan is to paint it this year. the rear wheel wells are rusted out so im going to be cutting and welding anyways. i have seen some guys building pre runners cut the wheel wells and pull the fenders out then re-weld...
  6. 1990MA70

    First car, First Build. 1jz-gte 1990 Supra

    BUILD PARTS LIST (Build start's after) Engine & Drivetrain: -Soarer 1jz-gte -R154 -ACT HDSS Clutch -4:30 LSD (Stock) -Stock bottom end (Rod, Piston, Crank, all untouched) -Stock cam's, springs, retainers -Oem headgasket -ARP Headstuds -Greddy Timing belt -Mild Port & Polish head Turbo &...
  7. 1

    7M N/A build

    Hi everyone, This is my first thread on SM! It is the build of my 7M-GE motor, I am not interested in massive HP gains... yet.... I will save that for later after I get a solid running n/a that's reliable. So I bought my 1986.5 Supra for $650 last december with an engine that was knockin' my...
  8. M

    New MK3 Supra owner. 7mgte Build. Need Help.

    I just bought my first 1989 MkIII Supra earlier this year and it's an NA. It's a 5 speed (W58) with a stock LSD Differential. Currently, my 7MGE runs but it blows white smoke on a cold start. I don't wanna mess with it but any kind of info about fixing the white smoke would be good...
  9. kaan2lee

    1000RWHP 2JZ-GE Block Build

    Hi all, Firstly I`ll go over the basics of my build and how I plan to do this. The car is a 94 supra 2JZGTE with a 6 speed tranny. I am planning on building a GE short block on the side to swap straight in to my car with minimum time off the road. So to make things clear this will be a...
  10. thenderson2011

    87 na-t

    Picked this up after my graduation last May, and have been working on getting it running since. Picked it up for $1,000 with a cracked head, and then paid a buddy of mine to replace the head. He did, and then didn't finish the timing because the security wouldn't disarm. So now I just recently...
  11. S

    Knock Sensors???

    Im throwing the check engine lights in my 7m and i cant figure out what is causing it:: angry :: People were telling me to change my knock sensors but there so god damn exspensive! But i did happen to find 1jzgte knock sensors for pretty cheap but i was unsure if they would work with the 7m...