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  • So i got some Pre89 Euro turn signals but I don't have the clear blulbs for the clear part of the signals, I remember you posted somewhere the white bulbs you use for your supras, can you send me the link?
    hay RazoE this is a new guy to the forums i need some tips on my car think you can help?
    I got an 87 turbo supra from a cambodean, that i blew out the first day i bought it piston blew. then i rebuilt it
    new piston, rings and bearings, then bolted her down with some arps.
    put every thing back together started her up turn'd on just fine, until the turbo blew, and so did the head gasket.
    Bought a new turbo put a toyota head gasket on, then put her back together again and nothing.
    she just cranks but nothig, gets fire gas is geting to the fuel rail but ther not popin.
    I cheked the eng light but it just flash's no codes just keeps going and going.
    So i was wondering if you got any ideas for me.
    hey man does the groupe have any relation to the socal supras on the web. or is this just a socal groupe for supramania? i know dumb question right. lol.
    HEY MAN SUPRASTEVE HERE! I just think its that guy you said that lives down the lane from you. You said he had 2 supras? Its probably not him thats doing it but maybe its someone he knows. Don't trust anyone regardless of how well you know them or how tight you are with them.
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