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  • i'm pretty sure it wont look bad at all, once you get those rims on take a picture so i can see how it does look like, maybe i'll get some chrome rims on mine too hahahaha
    yeah, hahaha i agree xD my brother's White supra with Chrome rims aren't so bad. i thought it was wayyy worst but it isn't, it actually looks decent. but with brown i think it'll be a different story haha
    some doesn't come chrome like you said =)
    some comes in alloy
    but yeah... you could try chrome xD
    although my brothers tried it before... i didn't like it
    i'll try to get a picture up, gotta see if he has that picture any more
    haha TT one's are Chrome... i dont like chrome... xD maybe on some other rim but i prefer the rims to not be chrome on the mk4 rims
    thats just me though
    hehe, yeah i got one already just click on my album and a side shot should be there =)
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