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  • You should have 33-40 psi.

    You could either have a leak, bad pump, or bad regulator, or clogged filter.
    I had this car for over 2 years and i had another before that for 3 years.
    Pull a spark plug and then connect it to the wire and crank it and see if you get spark.

    Also you can look down into the cylinder and see if your getting fuel in the cylinder right after you crank it or look while your cranking.

    It cranks fine tho right?
    No starting like a cam'ed motor, just one consistent speed of cranking.
    ok the ones to the harness are all rite, but there is one yellow one that i dont know if i have it rite its a plane yellow one with silver spots coming off the female plug, the one that runs from the dash, all the other ones are to there matching colors, y/r is to the y/r, the y/b is to the y/b, the y/gr is to the y/gr, but that plane one it has no mate there is a extra yellow and green one im going to hook the plane yellow to the yellow and green one and see wat happens.
    As long as you have yellow plugs on the ecu connectors your fine. There should be 4 yellow for the ecu and like 2 white and 2 more yellow or something like that for the body plugs. Make sure all the wires are right and then get back to me,.
    Take the lex off unless you got a wideband and afpr.

    check your cold start injector time switch and the connector.
    my car wont start need some advice i cheked the codes the cek engine flashs constantly without stoping dont got a clue wat it is can some one help out.
    I got an 87 turbo supra with stock everything pretty much, exept for the greddy bov, flowmaster, and a lexus afm, not to forget those rc 550's
    oh and i got a honda civic stock on ger fat five's with an apex exuhst.
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