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  • i live in norwalk by the drag strip... i've been in the supra scene for about 4 years lol always in ohio
    Jesse.... Long time, no see. Your car has made quite the transformation compared to its NA breed I remember in 2006. :)

    I have full expectations to see you at the Indianapolis Supra Annual in May. ;)

    definitely. I just received my IS300 coils, I'm going to clean up the engine bay and start saving up for a FFIM. I love yours, and I'm preparing for it already, I got rid of my AC compressor, next is the condenser and the lines and then switch to one of those tiny odyssey batteries..!
    yea lol that was me... was your name danny? One other reason I ask is Ive got class down at that kettering research park every mon and wed night anytime I ever take the longer way I remember seeing two MKIII's off of smithville and I think yours was one of them lol
    I'm pretty much near town and country if you know where that's at. Haha probably, i've met a few soup guys up there. Can't really see your car from your avatar. Were you the one that i talked to about meth injection?
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