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  • Took the car to kil kare today and ran a best of 13.34. Wheel hop and boost stability was terrible. Clutch holds nicely though even on boost building rollouts.
    clutch replaced with stock disc and stiffer PP. Holds fine now. tranny fluid again replaced with mt90
    Replaced front lower ball joints at 235,xxx miles. Below 237,xxx miles incorrect. Really it's 233,xxx miles. Clutch slipped under high boost so i ordered a new clutch and a better PP. Install soon although the stock clutch seems to be holding now, even under high boost.
    Replaced the rear shocks with tokiko HP's because the rear right stocker was annoying me. 237,xxx miles.
    Ganna start using this as a maintenance logger.
    5/22/10 changed diff and tranny fluid with redline. Diff fluid was dark and mucky but the trans wasn't too bad.. mostly red/clear.
    yea lol that was me... was your name danny? One other reason I ask is Ive got class down at that kettering research park every mon and wed night anytime I ever take the longer way I remember seeing two MKIII's off of smithville and I think yours was one of them lol
    hey, what part of kettering are you In? Im not to far from you. I think I might have met you at kilkare too lol
    Haha i know the feeling. With work and school coming up idk how pressed for time i'll be. I really hope you can get it running soon, it's always nice to see another MK3 in these streets!
    Haha yea, and no i havent gotten it running yet unfortunatly...
    Looking for a mechanic to help me, im willing to pay good.

    I just need the intake manifold side re hooked up.
    Ive got the turbo side complete and on the intake manifold
    side i got the TB, TPS, Fuel rail, Lower and upper intake manifold
    hooked up i just need the rest of those vacume hoses, sensors, etc hooked up. Its my first time doing it so idk what the hell im doing lol... but if your in need of some extra cash and willing to help feel free...
    Car's good. I have like zero money so everything is in standstill with it ATM. I'm really wanting to go safc though! Hopefully i can hit high 300's if i ever get the project underway haha. You still have yours right?
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