1. G

    Clutch master cylinders: R154 vs. W58

    Im in the process of swaping a turbo motor and tranny into my na car. I went to push my clutch pedal down and my clutch wouldnt fully disengage. I know this because when i had it in first and the clutch pedal to the floor, the back wheels would be stupid hard to move. Also i couldnt get into any...
  2. S

    Will a r154 driveshaft fit a w58 transmission?

    Will the front shaft of a r154 driveshaft fit into a w58 transmission? And if so can rhe r154 front shaft bolt on to the rear shaft of an auto a340e driveshaft? (I'm working on a 5 speed swap, picked up what I thought was a w58 driveshaft but turned out to be the r154) :1zhelp::1zhelp:
  3. BusterMK3

    Seafoam + 7MGE = Rod Knock ?

    So on Thursday I seafoamed my 1987 7MGE Hardtop. 192,xxx / occasional rough idle. I go through everything properly and hold it at 1500 RPM until the proper amount is used. I shut it off after 2 extra minutes of holding the rpms, wait 5 minutes as directed, and go to start my car to let it idle a...
  4. BusterMK3

    Good things to look for when buying an MK3?

    Was wondering what specifically to look for on an mk3? It's listed on CL over here. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/cto/3613715132.html Presuming it has a BHG seeing as he bought it along with another one and is unsure if it currently runs. It's a 7M-GE, needs some exterior TLC, rad, some...
  5. Mikielf

    tranny help?

    So i pulled an auto Cressida motor from i think a 91 cressida and im putting it into my 1990 mkiii. Ive changed the mounts and the intake and throttle body and a few other things so it matches up. what else doi need to change? and im having some problems fitting the tranz on? i took off the auto...
  6. L

    Drive shaft uncertainty

    Hey Guys, I am new in the world of supra and i need a little help figuring this out.I swapped out a 7mge for a 7gte and coupled it up with a r154 tranny but i am not sure if the drive shaft from the w58 will work with the r154.Knowledge will be appreciated.
  7. 1986.5supra_kid

    w58 to r154 swap mk3 supra driveline what parts swap?

    1986.5 supra 7mge now going to 2jz w58 to r154 i know these are different -flywheel -clutch ass. -bell housing -slave -DS but are these parts able to swap to r154? -Clutch master (W58) -clutch hard line (w58) -crossmember (w58) thanks
  8. 1986.5supra_kid

    1986.5 7mge -> 2jzge my very first build.

    Dream car is a mk3, I eventually got one after saving all my lunch money and working since i was 14. I finally bought on in April of 2010 (18yrs old)(now19) when just a few days b4 graduation. i paid for it in over 500 one dollar bills and assortment of other bills but it cost me $1200 it came...