1. jcarlson73

    Engine won't fully turn when hand cranked

    I recently bought an 89 turbo that is not running. I cannot cycle the engine all the way when I hand crank it. Is it even salvageable?
  2. stolensupra

    2 Issues Strange Cranking Noise and Long Idle Issue

    Hey guys I have a couple issues going on with my supra post rebuild. Any help from the superstars on this site would be greatly appreciated. First off mods list. 1500 Miles on full rebuild. 7mgte Block bored with head for Cometic MHG ARP Bolts Probe .40 over Pistons AEM AFPR ARP Internal...
  3. P

    Gearbox related rattle

    Hi there I haven't been able to find anything at all on the net relating to this rather unique problem so decided to post a thread. Pretty much i'll start the saga from the beginning: I had just recently rebuilt the engine on my supra and she was running mint, no strange noises just smooth...
  4. M

    Opinions, Opinions...again.

    Well, just thought I'd post a quick question and see what you guys think or would prefer. Im looking to buy a new intake. Looking at either the BLITZ SUS Power Intake or HKS Super Mega Flow. Do any of you use these? Which would you guys prefer? Thanks.
  5. S

    Knock Sensors???

    Im throwing the check engine lights in my 7m and i cant figure out what is causing it:: angry :: People were telling me to change my knock sensors but there so god damn exspensive! But i did happen to find 1jzgte knock sensors for pretty cheap but i was unsure if they would work with the 7m...
  6. P

    Here to find help!!!

    Ok, I took my Supra in to have the front wheel bearings changed (low pitch whirring noise from the front end). This was my mistake! I called a week in advance to make an appointment, and didn't even look at my car for three days! Then he told me that I shouldn't spen anymore money on THIS car...