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  • Matt! How ya been man? I still have that car, believe it or not. It's been in a garage for the last eight years. I'm thinking it's time to dust it off and give it another shot.
    hey man, i se your from milwaukee. you still got a supra out here? wondergin if ive seen you cruise around before or not. i got me white 89
    will you do the center consoul and arm rest and the door sills for 250 plus shiping , if so i got paypal ready and my area code is 73099
    Hey Bro,
    Anybody up there make driveshafts? The guy here local jacked mine up- he made the damn thing 4 inches to short. I had 27 1/4 from spline to diff flange and for some reason he made it 23 1/4. He got mad and told me that he doesnt make import shafts anymore. I said fine you keep the shaft and walked out. I didnt pay him shit- I was so pissed off when I measured and it came up short. ...... Anyway let me know.
    All I have left is intercooler piping to come in the mail and driveshaft to be made and the quest will be ready for it first voyage out of the garage in like 2 years. lol
    I'm in Rock Springs. Southwestern part of the state, about 100 miles east of Utah and 60 miles north of it.
    Sure I can. But after looking at your ps3 sig. I'm not sure what your looking for. Of course, I can just add it to the bottom and it will increase the height of it, but not sure if that's what you want.
    Name changed fucked me up, I saw you online on my friends list and was like WTF, DooM? lol
    LOL, sorry to disappoint! I could have sent you some women's shoes if you wanted! I dunno if I could have found a matched pair or not, though!
    Except that our infraction bot would pick up that numerous usernames are being logged in from the same computer, then we would send that person a PM asking why there are so many users on one computer.;) LOL.

    You've got too much time on your hands! Work on that purple car!
    Ah, I dunno man! There's no way to cheat that I know of! LOL! That's crazy, I had no idea that I was sporting 13! I never really looked after that thread!
    LOL! Dude, supposedly I've got the most referrals thus far- what you're looking at is points for referrals (actual referrals is much lower than that). Mike checked for us and let us know who was top dog- I was curious!

    Though, that could be a good thing or a bad thing, if you get my drift. LOL.
    True that- if all goes well, I'll have a MC built transmission and OS Giken clutch in my car when it's road-ready again. :)
    hey well don't mean to bother you but did u say u live in WI a while back in a form some where?? well anywise just asking because i wanna run some one near by im close to wausau
    Sounds good to me, I'll likely have played by then but I'll definitely hit you up as soon as you get it for some co-op. My psn is the same as my name on here.
    It looks great, but I haven't played it myself yet. Waiting till I can get a buddy to rip the co-op with before I tear into it.
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