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  • yea man, i got big plans for it this winter, i'm pushing for 450whp, i dont think i'll have a problem after everything and a good tune
    hey man got another supra finally,,,, gonna be down all winter though,,, not like i could drive it anyway,,lol
    Hi new to Supra scene just bought a 90 turbo. I am looking for interior parts any help would be apppreciated. Live in Lower Sackville number is 252 5431 Thanks Chris
    Yeah the white one. Oh yeah, I managed to snag a few more Regulus pictures, I'll prolly share in FC tonight
    Hey 'Nuck, do you have the pictures of that Regulus front bumper saved? If you do, PM the link to me please. Thanks
    Yea man i was thinking i was alone out hear to. we should meat up some time this summer.
    No I didn't! I was going to but I ended up finding an arcade stick for PS3 so I bought that instead. Maybe this payday I can convince my girl to let me buy it w/ her money :).
    Well I will play anything if it's good. I'm mainly a PC / Playstation guy. It's been mainly Tekken the past few years, but I play random FPS occasionally, and classics like Starcraft and DII ect.
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