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  • Hey Chris, are you still making Knock sensor rewire kits? I need one for my 87 7MGTE, Ive got no codes, but preventive maintenance is my reasoning...let me know
    hi i recieved an email that my account was now active, I am able to log in but not able to post a supra mk3 i was restoring but do to cancer and lost job I need to sell quick. I have over 12000 invested and trying to only get 3000 in so cal for it but it wont let me post. Is there something else I have to do or can you help me post this car on your forum. Thank you for your help Thomas DSillon 661-341-8160
    KS rewire kit ecu pins are the same size as the KS connector pins, DOH! lol Its okay, i got little flat heads and technique from converting pc fan pins to different connectors for newer motherboards over the years...
    Im here to find your build thread, i turned off sigs so i can navigate fastersss ;)
    Cheating would be easy. Register new accounts on new emails. Not really worth it. I even found a way to get your "level" up cheating a long time ago but I didn't do it more then a level because it was boring hah.
    No I saw how many you have ( 13 ). I have 7 and besides you I think I have the most. Which is why you have to be cheating! I know back when you made that thread I was still a mod I remember you only having one or two more then me at that point.
    Hey sorry to bother but I need a little help. I have posted a number of times to try and reach 20 posts to follow the rules so I can sell in the classified section of the site, but my counter is'nt going up. When I post its at least 2 sentences long if not longer, I dont know what to do please help?
    It's nice having the built trans info right on my vistor page so I don't forget if I ever have some money to blow. :)
    Would like approval to do a group buy. I have a very current thread on A/C R134 retrofit, in the General section. That has the detail of what I'd like to do. Basically, provide 30 parallel flow A/C condensors to members at cost + shipping. I am not seeking any profit, just worked out a deal for a specialized MKIII part that I know ppl will benefit from and appreciate (when it's 100 degrees this Summer).
    Hey whats up? I have a 89 Supra turbo in the Danbury CT area...thought I'd see who else is in CT
    Hi i'm pedro from puerto rico i have a supra turbo 1990 7mgte with some mods, i really want to fix it... I just had a crash on the dirver side and it's really bad so i have to replace the rear driver quater panel and the back panel can you please tell me where can i get it
    my e-mail is
    please try to answer me as soon as you can
    Shaeff: Please let me know your current recommendation of replacement of the stock boost gauge. I have looked at the posts for the Prosport and Megan Racing gauges.

    Hi Shaeff. I have 145 FS threads. Can you erase all 148 of them??? Thanks man.
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