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  • I'm in NE Huntsville, Still working on my 1JZ in an '87 hardtop. Running, but not quite road ready. I have a ton of spares for MKIII's if you are looking for anything.
    Yeah! I'm off of South Parkway. Where abouts are you? There's only a very small amount of us in a 50 mile radius, it seems. Are you on facebook?
    thanks man, I actually have a Pedro bear sticker on the windshield on my supra, it definetly makes people laugh hahaha
    I know its going to need a little bit of rust fixing, but overall, for a 240 here in the middle of the NE rust belt, it's pretty good for its age and having sat outside for 8 years.

    I'll definitely get some pictures going. Looking to have it all done by next spring, then Dad can start his tweaking...
    The Z is on the backburner for now, or at least its up to my dad. I left for school and haven't been home as much as I usually am. Picking up some new doors for it this weekend I belive, then its down to brake work and a little rear suspension work and she should be ready for a strip down and repaint
    Or I could just plan a road trip to your neck of the woods. I'll be looking for excuses to get it out on the road especially as I ramp up for longer trips to stress test the swap.
    The 1UZ swap is nearly complete, when you coming to visit for a ride? Should have exhaust (last thing I really need to put it on the road) completed hopefully by Aug. 17 depending on shop's schedule.
    Hey, ill give you directions to the house and you can just drive the car out tomorrow if you want but i dont know if i will have time to work on it or not.
    you take 46 west after you pass JC's and CVS you go untill you pass Country Club road and take the next left, it will be old nashville road. follow it untill it T's into wolf creek it will be a left hand turn, follow that road all the way back untill the road splits off, their will be a no outlet sign, just vear off to your right and follow the road up the hill and all the way to the top, turn right at the big rocks and im sure you remeber what my house looks like.

    How are you getting home if you drive out here?
    you gonna throw down some cash for all this work?
    It was a photoshop of my completed Regulus project. Sold all the stuff I had in the picture oh well.
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