Strange part throttle bog


Mar 3, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
87 7mgte auto, Just did a fresh complete rebuild. only mods are 3" turbo back and hks ssqv. So heres the Short story. installed cam sensor at tdc like every other time(nothing out of the usual), and started right up and actually ran great. I didnt have a timing light at that time so i drove it for the next few days like that. It pulled very hard under part throttle and felt strong and in-tune.Only problem was a poor idle when stopped for more than a few seconds(sometimes even stalling out) Finally got a timing light and it was showing in the range of 40 deg Retarded! So i Set to 10 btdc with e1 and te1 jumpered and now as you start to ease into the throttle and build boost, you can feel it come on like its Retarding timing alot at first and advancing it slowly as the rpms increase. but low rpm (under 2500) it feels like it is falling on its face. I have checked for codes and found code 52 for knock sensor, the wires are still intact but i suppose the sensor could still be bad. Now i understand they are very delicate to how much torque you use to tighten them,, Could it be Too much? One other thing that i found that i think is a seperate issue as it did it before the bogging issue is with the hood open it idles fine, the second you close the hood it wants to die, i assume something is being grounded out. I know this is alot of information at one time but i want to try to give all the details. Thanks in advance Everyone.

p.s. are the Cps' different between pre and post 89?
Apr 10, 2008
South East USA
Get the knock sensor problem outa the way. Check wiring, doubt over torqued since its hollow it would break. Plus the diameter increases as it gets driven in.

Hood ? - look for vacuum hoses