Hi all, Australian supra owner, again


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Sep 26, 2016
hey all,

Just bought my 3rd supra for some reason (i know the reason), long toyota driver, only ever had toyotas,

previous rides includes an MA61 (celicasupra club was awesome for info re this), a jza70 aerotop converted to big single r154 track/street pig, gzz20 soarer, uzz31 soarer, ncp10r echo (coz u gota have something normal right) a sw20 mr2, ep82gt turbo starlet (this was fun)

and my current rides, Jzs147 aristo, was Australias fastest stock turbo aristo (gs300 lexus for u yanks), running a 12.5@115mph, now going t04z, a ae111 levin bzr which i daily, and now my new jza70.

Joined for the tech knowledge on here, so wont be around too much, but nice to have joined!

thanks all