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  • Long time No Talk, Scott! Glad to see you're still active in the Community... :)

    I saw you eye balling that '87 Supra in Ohio... What are your plans? What's new with you?!
    I've been keeping myself pretty busy - work, car stuff, started writing articles for a magazine, and trying to get out more and do stuff since the weather's nicer (read: 60 degrees instead of 95). How have you been? The new car looks nice!
    Glad you like it, i always got a kick out of yours. Funny I was thinking of changing it today.
    I'm going to go ahead and say Happy Birthday to you a day early. I may forget tomorrow.
    Hope you have a good one my friend.
    Happy Thanksgiving Scott -

    Holiday Humor - If the Indians had given the Pilgrims a donkey instead of a turkey, we'd all have a peice of ass for Thanksgiving.
    hey scott you still need my rear seat? its for sale or trade. im the guy with the silver supra at the steel meet. if you do need it pm me.
    Thank you I love it too... I have taken a few pictures but got to get them on a card to get them on here but I will soon...
    Hey Scott, what's up. Happen to have a good starter and alternator laying around? They both have officially crapped on me. =(
    Still no net or phone at the house so I'm at work sending you this, I'll check back tomorrow on that stuff. I'll probably be ordering the Titan hg and ARP studs tonight. Dealerships pay very nicely! =D
    They are body shop installed (for Free), and no cutting was necessary. For now, they are riveted on, but will be molded in before paint. They are the Bomex side and rear skirts.
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