Engine undercover options?


Oct 17, 2008
Riverside, Ca
Has anybody ever made an engine cover for the mkiii by using an undercover from another car? Just curious of what other owners have used or is there someone who make them? I tried looking up undercover for the mkiii with just old posts from 15 years ago.


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Feb 28, 2013
Tampa Bay Area
I have mended my splash pan so many times. The front 3 clips snapped off so I used pop rivets and the standard card slot covers from the back of a computer and some Prematex Ultra Black silicone. The next thing was some of the other holes started to enlarge so I used brass flag type grommets of a size that allowed the screw to go through but not the head. Then there was the time I left a socket wrench attached to the crankshaft pulley bolt and cranked the engine. It tore a small hole in the splash pan that I mended again with Prematex Ultra Black silicone.