1. Q

    7MGTE Build

    hey just finished my 7mgte Build for my 1990 mk3 supra made a YouTube video for anyone interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4FWJHsnUtU
  2. S

    Bad turbo seals

    I'm pretty sure the seals on my turbo are bad and will be rebuilding/upgrading soon. Yesterday I started my car which does not smoke on startup at all since I replaced the valve seals. I left it running in the driveway and was inside my house for about 15 min.. When I went back outside...
  3. G

    Clutch master cylinders: R154 vs. W58

    Im in the process of swaping a turbo motor and tranny into my na car. I went to push my clutch pedal down and my clutch wouldnt fully disengage. I know this because when i had it in first and the clutch pedal to the floor, the back wheels would be stupid hard to move. Also i couldnt get into any...
  4. D

    Effects of a Thicker Metal Head Gasket on N/A 7M

    Now before I get flamed for asking this here is my situation. I have a N/A MK III that I would like to eventually convert to a turbo engine. My issue is I have to pull the head now and change my head gasket to get the car running, I'm tight on cash, and I'd like to only have to do the job once...
  5. T

    After market Turbo adjustment....

    I need help! I don't know what I should have this adjustment at and what's safe to have it at. I tried to find out on google but came up short.... The knob says "TURBOXs" on it and has a + and - that turns, not sure what each notch means and what it is safe to have it at. It was in the car when...
  6. S

    Dream's DO come true -*** 90 burgandy MKIII 2JZ swap***PICS FINALLY

    Ok so here i go. my name is AJ and I just turned 21 in February. My first supra was a 90 7mgte i traded a transam with a blown tranny for. built it up with a 60-1 Turbonetics turbo, Delphi 880 injectors, lexus afm and few other mods. was in the process of rebuilding and restoring it and ran out...
  7. C


    I am here to learn more about MegaSquirting my 1986 Toyota Cressida Wagon. I have had a 85 celica st, 85 celica gt, and a 84 celica gts. My Cressida is about 85% together at this time. I have used a 7mgte block, turbo, turbo manifold, and injectors to build a 5mgte. My goal is to keep everything...
  8. E

    Oil Leak

    hey guys i know this is a very broad subject to touch on and i dont really know if you guys can help me out with my problem but any thing helps. so me n my pops rebuilt my 7mgte and when when everything was finished and when we got the car running it started to leak oil it was a little bit at...
  9. C

    Looking for female Toyota Supra driver in Boise, ID

    Last Thursday I saw a female driver sitting on the hood of her car on 26th Street off of State. I revved my engine to get her attention since I was driving my blue 1988 Toyota Supra. She waved for me to stop and turn around but I had to get to work and continued. I came back later and the car...
  10. B

    Good websites

    Im looking for legit websites for aftermarket exterior, and interior parts for my MKIII supra. Please leave me suggestions, it'll be much appreciated.
  11. R

    89 supras turbo won't work

    Just recently I noticed my turbo isnt boosting like at all and what is my problem
  12. Mikael_7m

    57 trim CT26 - slow spool and early fuel cut

    I installed an unclipped 57 trim on my built 7M (probes, mhg, arps, recod head etc) a few months ago, and i've been putting off asking these questions but something doesn't seem right. Firstly, IIRC people have said that the 57 trim spools just as quick as a stock ct26. Is this true? For...
  13. I

    Code 34

    Check engine light came on and checked the codes I got a 52, 71, and 34 I am not really worried about the 52 or 71 But the 34 is scaring me a little bit 34 is something about turbocharger pressure I assumed it was because I just recently Installed a divorced down pipe But now I am...
  14. C

    Suggestions for Turbo Upgrade (NON CT Series) - Turbonetics or SP?

    Hi Looking to upgrade the CT-26 57 Trim I am running now. Suggestions on what I can use and still keep the same Exh Manifold and aftermarket downpipe (same bolt pattern as stock) Here is by buildpage =...
  15. C

    need help!

    just rebuilt my 7m, and the first time i drove it my turbo seized from having no oil. i took the turbo off and i was thinking that it was just going to be a clogged feed line, when i tryed cranking no oil came out. someone said i might have not cranked it enough idk. If you have any ideas as...
  16. moarboost

    New Mk3 turbo owner from LA

    Hey everyone, Im a 17 year old from Los Angeles and I just bought my second car a red 1991 supra turbo 7mgte/r154 targo top in mint condition. I saved up to buy my first car last year a bmw convertible and it wasnt for me. So i sold it and bought the supra and im lovin it! Gonna get straight to...
  17. A

    87 7m Turbo build pic thread

    Hi everybody my names Jason im 25. this supra is the 7th car i have built. I drove a jeep wranger yj on superswampers 6 miles at 55mph on the off chance id trade.i thought i would die the entire trip. gold wheels tinted orange
  18. S

    7mgte complete head compatible with 7mge block??

    Is the head off a 7mgte compatible with a n/a 7mge block? If possible would the 7mge block be able to hold the boost? thnx
  19. ttsupra2503

    Aftermarket turbo options for the under funded

    POST POSITIVE COMMENTS or CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS only please. I dont think anyone cares if you think its a waste of money to not buy a 2000 dollar turbo. I have been doing a small rebuild and ran into a snag on my mk3 supra. I am running out of money and cant afford a great turbo package...
  20. 1986.5supra_kid

    Help on turbo timers for the NA ma70 chassis

    1986 mk3 with a 1992 sc300 2jzge motor. The engine harness and ecu is a all from the lexus. the body harness is still the original supra harness from 1986. im putting a aem ems on the 2jzge and bolting on a turbo. So this turbo should have a turbo timer correct? I have been looking at the...