1. kaveen94

    Finally a turbo in my life! My JDM GT Limited

    So here it goes, this is the story of my black JDM GT Limited but before that, lets get some background info first! It all started when I was a lot younger, my best mates brother had an awesome power house of a supra and from time to time he got my mates and I to do minor work on it and...
  2. D

    USDM vs JDM 2jz parts?

    do USDM 2jz parts differ from jdm 2jz parts? i have a jdm 2jzgte engine from an aristo, if i needed a gasket or seal for example would i be able to get a parts from the dealer if i said it was for a 93-97 gs300 or supra??
  3. jcarlson73

    How reliable is purchasing a JDM engine?

    I recently bought an 89 Supra Turbo and the engine is shot. Not to mention the wires are in pretty bad shape and who knows even if the turbo works. So I planned on buying a JDM engine instead of rebuilding.
  4. suprafreak65

    jdm throttle body or usdm?

    Hello again! its been a while since I posted a help question on here so bare with me. I've just recently bought an 87 Turbo! yes I finally got a Turbo. after 5 years of driving the N/A I wanted something more. so I got an 87 Turbo for $750 hella deal. so the catch was the Guy ordered a jdm...