1. terror

    Post your ECU Maps!

    Hey guys, I think it would be a good idea to have an updated database of Fuel and Ignition Timing maps for reference. There are some old threads out there with broken links so to prevent in the future a direct upload from computer would be best. Post up: Engine, ECU, Relevant Mods...
  2. 8

    Injectors not firing

    I have just recently rebuilt my 7m motor and have stripped and gutted the car getting it ready for a roll cage and some racing. I have to wire up my ecu harness again due to removing all other harnesses in the car. I have 12 volts on both sides of the injector but i used a noid light to check...
  3. K

    ecu help needed

    I have a 89 n/a and I went over a cattle gaurd and my car stalled. I tried starting it with no luck and had to get towed home. When I got home I discovered that I was getting no spark and no injector pulse. I tried to read the codes and no check engine light at all when in the start position (or...
  4. T

    How to verify your Megasquirt tune is homing in.

    This is being made apparent so that Supra Guys fully understand that the Megasquirt community is a Great Place To Be! *Author - John Whittle At the most basic level, an engine management system tries to control the injection of fuel and the timing of spark to allow for proper functioning...
  5. N

    WTB: looking for an ECU!!!!'

    Does anyone have a ECU 89 m/t n/a Cali emissions part no. 89661-14300? Need to have some sort of proof it works properly.
  6. suprafreak65

    jdm throttle body or usdm?

    Hello again! its been a while since I posted a help question on here so bare with me. I've just recently bought an 87 Turbo! yes I finally got a Turbo. after 5 years of driving the N/A I wanted something more. so I got an 87 Turbo for $750 hella deal. so the catch was the Guy ordered a jdm...
  7. spainobain1234

    Stupid Misfiring, Venom Injectors, AFM codes?

    :: angry :: I am driving and the car stops accelerating just before it hits 1PSI of boost. Runs rich, wont exceed 3500rpm, backfires, cuts fuel without CEL blinking. Boost no longer runs because the engine will not exceed 3500 RPMS Is this fuel Cut, Is the ECU freaking out? recognizing...
  8. 1-2clutch-u

    Any one got map ecu 2

    Ok I got a map ecu 2 and looking to install and get it tuned. Now I have a 7mgte with 550s and all that jazz, Should I be running it in karman elimination or intercept or with y axis map. Im so lost. I would Like to get rid of the karman sensor and still have my car run good. (aka no crazy idle...
  9. H

    AEM ecu runs 3 to 4 minutes and dies cuts off

    i have run a aem in my 90 for years and tuned well. i rebuilt my engine, wired in 2 5 volt sensors, and reinstalled aem. I put my cal file back in and the car crancked. it ran for about 3 to 4 minutes and died. the ecu was dead and disconnected. The engine wont crank again for 15 minutes...
  10. Inygknok

    '88 7MGTE 5 speed with Auto ECU

    I have an '88 7MGTE with 5 speed transmission. I'm about to buy an auto ECU from another member here, but I have a question. Every thread I've run into only talks about swapping the auto ECU and the auto harness into a 5 speed car. Since I have a manual harness, how do I go about bypassing...