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  • Thank you! My name is Ben by the way!
    I love the sound of my car, I think my boost controller has been hooked up wrong, but it hits fuel cut even at half throttle!
    I am using an 18 PSI wastegate adjustable spring on my GT35r T4 Turbo! hahaha (pretty ridiculous for the stock ECU)
    I think I either have to adjust the boost controller, or maybe the wastegate is adjustable I am unsure...
    I gotta lower this boost because I have no boost leaks and it runs crappy!
    i have a quick question... will the grddy emanage blue kit work with the 7mgte and ECU??
    Thank you all, I'm doing fine, just been xbox 360 whoring haha. Car is still great, have a small elect drain but thats mostly it. Me and the family are all fine and dandy. I'll post back a thread soon heh :)
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