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  • Jake! You're alive! Where the hell have you been? What's new? You still have my number?
    hey man yeah every thing was cool we got back in one piece brent giggled like a little girl most of the way back and he gave me a few parts that he wasnt going to use still hunting for a motor and trans tho it is kind of tough to find cheap parts for these things but with you and brent i should have this whiped lol but really the car is whiping my asslol . from what brent said he probly wont even keep the back seats out of it so maby i can get them cheap brent just wants a front seat and thas it my ni want a little comfort besides it will have plenty of hp to carry sound system if i can just find a dam 7mgte and 5 speed lol any way hala back and dont be a stranger >:)
    im trying to post a sales thread for some rims it said a mod might have deactivated me?
    Hey, I wanna sell diamond studded steering wheels. What do I need to do to become a vendor? Should I PM you, or leave a message on your visitor wall. Sorry, I'm teh noobz.
    Hi i have a post in the classified ads section with my supra for sale and i just wanted to notify you that i sold it and if you;d be kind enough to close it Thank you
    I'm new to this group. I don't know if I want to keep the 1jzgte motor that I have or try to sell it. I think the other individuals here would be interested in buying it. If I keep it I'll need some assistance in wiring it. If I sell it I won't need to bother you or the others any more. I'm not able to post in the parts for sale area. Can you help. (copy of message to other mediators.)
    Whatcha been up to buuuuuddddyy. Me, the fiancee, Jayson, and Bill have season tickets to the Lightning this season so you and T DEFINITELLY have to come down. It's gonna be a wild season
    let me know what you need me to do please. and where the hell you been hiding?
    hey whats up man, how can i get setup as a vendor? thanks man
    Hey Homer... Im up in the panhandle... You know where Pensacola and Panama City Beach is? I am righ in the middle, between them, a town called Fort Walton Beach...
    Whats up whats New ? Im working on wiring today/night... what a bitch.....Were in Fl are you ? how far from daytona ?Give me a ring sometime 386-631-5715 Greg
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