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    mk3 4 a first car

    The Supra will be tough for a first car. It's a lot of maintenance involved, or at least mechanical knowledge due to the fact that you'll need to prepare for things if something goes wrong, either due to previous owner neglect or just overall age and mileage. Also, turbo + RWD for a younger...
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    7M-GE ACIS Reference Thread

    These images were scanned by Nick M, so credit goes to him!
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    Anyone tried these D2 coilovers?

    Well even if they don't last long, I'm sure you can get them rebuilt for cheap by D2/KSport. Win/win situation IMO.
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    Anyone tried these D2 coilovers?

    Like I said, from most other car experiences, D2/KSport are the same, but they look different. Same internals/spring rates as far as I know.
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    Anyone tried these D2 coilovers?

    I hear D2 Coilovers are pretty much equivalent to KSport Coilovers...
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    I have twins

    Whoa, that's really cool. Nice work! I would love to try this on my car when I decide what engine setup to do.
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    Rust issues/ And repairs :)

    I like the resolve. haha. Maybe this will convince me to fully restore my Supra instead of doing an "average" rust repair :)
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    Rust issues/ And repairs :)

    I'll be trying to do some rust repair on my car in the future....good luck with yours.
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    Anyone be interested in a 7mge cold air box ?

    Yeah, bottom line, it IS a sound dampener, and while it may not help performance, it probably doesn't hurt it at all. There's no point in removing it unless you want to hear the intake, or you're trying to make everything "pretty and uniform" with a straight pipe.
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    Anyone be interested in a 7mge cold air box ?

    Okay well, to clarify the Helmholtz resonator thing, according to theory, they are tuned for a certain frequency and they cancel out the oscillations from the airflow. This reduces the sound and reduces the turbulence in a way, which means it doesn't really impose a restriction and in some...
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    Anyone be interested in a 7mge cold air box ?

    Ceramic coating isn't a bad idea, but wrap is cheaper, easier, and more accessible than the coating. Also, if you make the box out of aluminum, it'll be lightweight and won't rust, but the idea in general isn't bad.
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    Anyone be interested in a 7mge cold air box ?

    I think there is such thing as "reflective heat wrap" which is supposed to keep out the heat really well, and it doesn't cost much. Sure, it won't look as good but it probably does a better job than Ceramic Coating does. Function > Form :)
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    300 hp and 300 torque

    A lot of those modifications don't even add power, and the ones that do won't be enough for 300 RWHP, maybe 300 crank horsepower. There is an N/A mod FAQ, but I don't really know if you read it, but a lot of these modifications and ideas have been discussed. It's really not worth it in the end...
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    Considering NA-T

    I've got first hand experience of riding in a Supra with NA-T GTE electronics and a decent tune running an upgraded 61mm turbo at decent boost. Get high octane gas, a good tune, and you're good to go. Obviously you'll need to make share everything else is proper, like the headgasket, but if you...