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  • hello. my name is dave. i have been working on my sons car, an 88 na that we converted to a turbo. we used all the stuff you said, (lexus afm, 550inj, afr) to use and we are trying to get it to run richer! i am measuring the voltage at the o2 sensor and it is reading .04 volts which according to my sensor book, is supposed to be around .5 volts to be ideal. i will still be looking at checking into stuff to make it richer. i was hoping not to add some add on computer but what ever it takes i will have to do. i would like it if you could help us, thank you, dave.
    The TPS has to be attached to the throttle body for you to lock it in position and calibrate it but the values will appear on a multimeter even with it detached (there is no electrical connection between the throttle body and TPS, it's mechanical only).

    It's pretty sensitive but certainly can be done by hand with one or two people
    does the tps have to be on the throttle body to get these readings..and really haopw sensitive is it can it be done by hand and rotate the tps butterfly valve and check with two people
    Yes you could but it's a good idea to freshen things up while you do the mod if you can, it's not much cash and will complete the mod properly
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