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  • IJ this is suprahooked, I am trying to sell my car and would like to pull it out of members rides and put it in supra build up gallery would you do that for me. Thanks John
    Reading an old thread today on helicoiling a hole that has already been helicoiled and it's looking like your suggestion of Twinserts by Stanley is going to save my ass. I have 2 failed helicoils above the number one and two cylinder exhaust ports. Thanks IJ.
    I remember you were having trouble hooking up a fuel pump in PWM mode to your motec. You said it was putting out too low frequency of a signal. Not sure if you figured that out or not, but I stumbled across this post and it made me recall your issue with a "that must have been why!"


    from there:

    2: Fuel pump control modules. Most of the newer returnless fuel systems are using a fuel pump control module and a fuel pressure sensor on the fuel rail to run closed loop feedback control of the fuel pressure. This is being done with both DI and traditional port injection systems. What is so cool about this is the control module itself. The PCM sends a PWM signal to the module at a relatively low frequency (~100Hz) and with a DC between 5% and 50%. The fuel pump module then doubles the DC and PWM controls the actual fuel pump at 9500Hz! There is even a 1Hz status signal that is sent back to the PCM from the module.
    12>13 years of abuse... it was the only stock arm left on the Car...

    That just sounds awful...there's not really anything you can do to counter that stuff either...definitely will have to at least get a look-see of my undercarriage during the restoration. Might replace all of the suspension bushings before bringing it back on the road as a daily. That's such a scary thought that it would happen. Do you know why it gave way?
    Spun through 3 lanes of peak hour traffic centre punched the rail didn't hit anyone and walked away without a scratch :)

    I was sitting behind a Cop at the time and thought someone had PITed me ...

    When the arm broke it did the forklift rear steer thing I turned into it which made things 10X worse... it tried to high side jumped off the road spun in the air landed and repeated.. I was 5 minutes from home...
    Brutal. I had a brake caliper bolt rattle out and lost my pads at highway speeds once, but that was much easier to control and handle than if I broke something in the suspension...again, glad to hear youre okay!
    Shhh let's NOT tempt fate ;)

    Broke a rear suspension link at highway speed on Cruise Control, by the time I reacted I was in the guardrail..
    I didnt know you crashed it :( I wondered what happened. That's awful! You seem to be invincible when it comes to car crashes haha.
    Had mine mounted in 2 different places, 1 was on the Left side chassis rail under the Intake, 2 was behind the radiator in front of the sway bar when I went V8.

    After I crashed the Supra I lost my mind for a min and sold a LOT of shit I should have kept...

    I'm hoping so. This is VERY much a long term car I'll be owning, so the start up oiling and safety net will both be invaluable. I was wondering why you sold it if you couldve used it in your car still :p

    I wish I had saved more pictures from your build. I'm not 100% sure where/how I'm going to mount it yet.
    LOL don't know about "Honor" but your engine will thank you :)
    (I had to rebuy all of it for the current project DOH)
    No probs at all Lonnie, I rebuilt it a few weeks before it shipped out so it has fresh Viton O-Rings and is ready for another 10 years ;)
    Hey Ian, I just bought your old AccuSump setup (or so I'm told). Always loved the idea when I originally saw yours. I might have some questions about hooking it up in the future and how you did yours, but I assume its pretty straightforward given the instructions. Any help would be appreciated, as always...your word is invaluable!
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