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  • That piping that guy is talking about looks like hydraulic return hose, something very comparable to that is marine hardwall exhaust pipe and water inlet pipe. It is almost identical to what you have in that picture, i use the stuff all the time at work!
    I have it on both my compressor outlet to intercooler and intercooler to 3000 pipe. I honestly have no idea what it is or anything, but I know its heavy duty industrial strength for like 9000psi. I'll take some pictures of it when I remember.

    Its the ultimate hardpipe though, because its not going anywhere but its still flexible.
    Hi i'm curious to see if you could give me more info on this type of intercooler piping used in this picture
    looks like marine piping or something like that if you would know where I could get this and was it used for both the intake and turbo charge pipes? i'd be interested to see this as a temporary setup or alternative to metal Aluminum bends or custom piping

    please give me any information if available
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