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  • happy birthday. i still wanna get some stance coilovers so i will be in touch sometime this year to get them from you provided you still sell them
    Hi borhor. I hear you make and sell LED Climate Control Unit. I want all blue climate control. $$$? Pm me. My user name is Valverde. My name is David Jr. I am from San Antonio, Texas. Thanks!
    I'm looking for a good set of rims for my 88 and need to know if certain sizes will fit. I hope you don't mined if I come to you with questions if I am unable to find the answers myself.
    Whats replied in one of my posts regarding the stance coilovers. Cheapest I've seen them are $1,130; you stated you can get them for less then that?
    Can you get XXR 502's???

    and how would they fit???
    18 ST 8.5/ 9.5

    Thanks Bud!!!
    hey im not too picky about the brand, but i definetly want 18's, and that style in my link i posted. i was looking at the asa ar1 but i cant get staggered for my supra. i want staggered but it seems like i cant get them without going totally broke. im looking to spend up to 800 on wheels, maybe a little more due to shipping.
    hey just wanted to knoe wat kind of exhaust u have in your car and about how much did it cost you??
    hey where did u get them yellow fog lights at?? im looking for those but havent found them it would be nice to knoe thanks..
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