Smoking Oil Leak Smoking Underneath Hood

Ok Solved all my recent problems due to BLOWN TURBO Gt35 t4 Godspeed turbo. I got a replacement, and used the correct oil feed restriction flange this time.

Now I have an oil leak, but its not coming from the turbo oil seals, not from the feed line, and not the return line. The ground is dripping in oil.

Honestly, I know it sounds crazy, but is it possible for the aftermarket HEADER manifold to fill with oil somehow, and smoke a storm? There is a small cloud of white smoke, NOT COOLANT, OIL! I cannot pinpoint the location, but It is coming from the header! ???

Ugh has this happened to anyone before? I just installed the brand new turbo, no problems, Idles Beautiful, runs Beautiful, I primed the turbo for 30 seconds, then warmed the car for 30 minutes. Now its sitting outside, but I cannot pin-point this oil leak. Again, it is not the oil feed, or return line. Not the valve covers, not the turbo seals, NOTHING IS SMOKING OUT THE EXHAUST either. Maybe the Heat wrap around the headers? IT did get some oil on it, but would it smoke this much? ???


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Oct 8, 2012
fah, fah away
How can you tell its coming from the header for sure?wouldn't expect oil to be pouring from exhaust header. The oil cooler lines, the oil filter and relief valve are all down where the exhaust header is. Could it be coming from one of those?
Hey guys, I finally solved the problem! There was oil from the header that came from the old blown turbo, it was resting in the header, and the wastegate, and the intercooler pipes! Everything was covered in oil from the blown turbo. I uninstalled, inspected, cleaned, and reinstalled every part, and installed the new T4 turbo again. The thing runs great! I also installed a new oil return and oil feed line, and the restrictor that i used is a bit wider than the one that I had to begin with, but it is perfect size now. I had the car running great, until the afm box got fouled out with starter fluid and it is running crappy. My BOV, EWG, and MBC work very well together finally, but now the car wants to die after each time I rev the engine, and the rpms drop back down. The car is running awful I think because the afm/maf electronic black box that I am using is the lexus one, not the original supra black box, which I really need to get my car to run right.


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Dec 30, 2005
If you have an externally vented BOV, it will always try to stall out after venting, unless you recirculate it.
If you have the Lex AFM, I'nm assuming you have 550's or 560's, yes?