Mishimoto oil coolers!


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Jan 13, 2011
Bettingen, Germany
Was wanting to know if anybody on here is using a Mishimoto 19 row oil cooler. If so can you let me know how it is working out for you! I am getting ready to start shopping around for one and just wanted to see if anybody on here was using a 19 row...

I am wanting to know if you can tell a difference in the temperature compared to before you installed it. And are they worth the price?

Any insight would be appreciated...

Also looking at an intercooler by them and a Radiator as well so the insight on these items would be appreciated as well...

On another note was looking for filter relocation kits and came across one in the color I am after and the manufacture was Blok...Never heard of them! Details on them if anybody is using any products by them.


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Dec 4, 2006
Mishimoto is its own brand the cores are made in China (doesnt mean they are bad). Mocal, Setrab, Earls etc are coolers that see regular use on race cars and other performance applications. I run a B&M 12 row on my Supra. With that said Mishimoto Oil coolers do perform well, just make sure you have a Tstat installed along with any oil cooler you install.


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Apr 17, 2007
I got a mishimoto oil cooler was supposed to have -10 fittings but came with -8. Put it on the shelf and got me a earls cooler for not much more. The quality difference is night and day.