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  • Hey man, really love the rims you have on your 88 two tone. I have the exact same color combo and am finally getting her back on the road after getting hit by someone 4 years ago and am in the market for rims and yours look beautiful with that color combo, would you mind telling me what kind they are and what size?
    Here is a picture of the headliner in the garage, I asked them to hold onto it so it won't get rained on or damaged while i dont have it yet, $45.50 for the headliner itself let me know if you want it, as for the hardtop drip rails, they were cracking and were not in the best condition at all. Thanks!

    hey i got a Q on some supra mechanical problems when i start my engine in the morning it takes about 10 seconds for it to start. im guessing fuel filter but its new and also the pump. other things also like fuel gauge doesnt act right it sometimes shows that i have no fuel. another is when im driving and let off the gas in second gear or slowing down into second gear it shuts off. would u have any ideas or explanation on this i would realy apreciate it ..................thanks , Ben
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