JDM 1JZ TT-R Supra details/specs


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Sep 27, 2005
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JDM 1JZ TT-R Supra details/specs
I'm starting this thread because the interest in JZA70's is starting to skyrocket - best way to find out what you should be looking for. Some fervor has been created over TT-R clones (as if it makes a difference to us NA's)
Please post any info you KNOW to be accurate and I will update the first post as needed. These are some details I have either discovered or welcome clarification on - feel free to add anything else. )

Years available - 90-92 only?
Interior colors/specs - Recaro cloth F/R, no rear wood deck in any JDM MKIII's, molded rear carpet
Exterior colors - mostly black and Mica Green - others?
Hardtop or targa - only hardtop or both?
Differentials - Torsen, 4.10 ratio
Misc interior appointments - steering wheel

The following data was copied from http://www.toyota-supra.info/supra/jza70/1_jza70.php

2.5GT twin turbo Coupe AT 2.5 1JZ-GTE E-1 jza70-BLPVZ
2.5GT twin turbo aero top Coupe MT 2.5 1JZ-GTE E-1 jza70-BJMVZ
2.5GT twin turbo R Coupe MT 2.5 1JZ-GTE E-1 jza70-BLMQZ
2.5GT twin turbo aero top Coupe AT 2.5 1JZ-GTE E-1 jza70-BJPVZ
2.5GT twin turbo R Coupe AT 2.5 1JZ-GTE E-1 jza70-BLPQZ
2.5GT twin turbo limited Coupe MT 2.5 1JZ-GTE E-1 jza70-BLMZZ
2.5GT twin turbo limited Coupe AT 2.5 1JZ-GTE E-1 jza70-BLPZZ
2.5GT twin turbo limited aero top Coupe MT 2.5 1JZ-GTE E-1 jza70-BJMZZ
2.5GT twin turbo limited aero top Coupe AT 2.5 1JZ-GTE E-1 jza70-BJPZZ

Modification 2.5GT twin turbo R, produced from 1990 (august)

Terms and abbreviations

Body type Coupe
Drive FR
Transmission 5 speed manual
Displacement, cc 2491
Price of new car, thousands yen (Tokyo area) 3274 (~$27200)


Exterior dimensions (LxWxH), mm 4620 x 1745 x 1300
Interior dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1720 x 1400 x 1070
Wheel base, mm 2595
Treads (F/R), mm 1470 / 1475
Ground clearance, mm 140
Curb vehicle weight, kg 1520
Gross vehicle weight, kg
Seating capacity, persons 5
Doors number 3
Min.turning radius, m 5.7
Fuel tank capacity, l 70

Displacement, cc 2491
Engine model 1JZ-GTE
Max.power (Net), kw(PS)/rpm 280 ps (205.94 kw) / 6200 rpm
Max.torque(Net), N*m(kg*m)/rpm 37.0 kg*m (362.85 N*m) / 4800 rpm
Power density 5.43
Engine type Serial 6 cylinder DOHC24 valve IC twin turbo
Engine information
Fuel system EFI (electronic fuel injection)
Turbocharger Twin Turbo with intercooler
Fuel type Unleaded premium gasoline
LEV system (Low emission vehicle) No
Compression ratio 8.5
Bore, mm 86
Stroke, mm 71.5
Final gear ratio
Fuel consumption at 10-15 modes, l/100km 12
Fuel consumption at 60 km/h, l/100km 5.9

Power steering Yes
Tires size, front 225/50R16 92V
Tires size rear 225/50R16 92v
Braking system, front Ventilated disk
Braking system, rear Ventilated disk
Suspension system, front Double wishbone type coil spring
Suspension system, rear Double wishbone type coil spring


Sunroof / Moonroof n
Front fog lamp y
Rear fog lamp n
Xenon headlight (Discharge lamp) n
Projector headlight n
Rear wiper y
Front spoiler o
Rear or roof spoiler y
ABS (Antilock brake system) o
TCS (Traction control system) n
LSD (Limited slip differential) y
Privacy glass n
UV cutting glass n
Aluminium wheel 16inch standard

Air conditioner Full automatic
Wood panel n
Cruise control n
Centralized door lock y
Power window y
Steering wheel telescopic y
Steering wheel tilt y
Leather steering wheel n
Power front seat n
Power rear seat n
Leather seat n
Falling down type rear seat Divided type
Child seat fixed with seat belt n
Rear ELR3 point seat belt n
Front seat pretensioner seat belt n
Fourth limited front seat belt n
Side impact bar n
Airbag (Driver) n
Airbag (Passenger) n
Airbag (Side) n
Audio deck AM/FM radio equipped cassette player
CD-player n
Car navigation system n

y - present n - not present o - option

Color spectrum Color
Super white IV
Dark green mica
Red mica
Blue metallic


JZA70 Twin Turbo R:

Manufactured from 08/1990 - 04/1993
Momo steering wheel (Same as MA70 Turbo A)
Momo shift knob (Same as MA70 Turbo A)
Recaro seats and door panels
Hardtop available only, no targa/sport roof/aerotop models
5-speeds have 4.10:1 Torsen differentials
Automatics have 3.91:1 Torsen differentials
ABS is not standard
Bilstein shocks
Larger front sway bar (Same as MA70 Turbo A)
Rear sway bar is the same as some other models (GA70 TT, MA70 Turbo A, JZA70 TT Base model)
No cruise control
Darker grey 5-spoke wheels

TTR Factory Colours: (According to the parts catalog)
Red Mica (3H8)
Super Red 2 (3E5)
Dark Green Mica (6L9)
Medium Blue (8J3)
Black (202)
Bluish Grey (182)
Teal Metallic (749)

To cap this off, I'm being led to believe that the TT-R is not a car that is easy to obtain in the US - why is that? We can freely import them in Canada, and in fact, mine is for sale right now, getting a lot of interest from south of the border - please chime in with your experiences on registering RHD's in the US also.
Keeping Supras alive since 1986 - hell, someone's gotta do it!

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In Florida, we can register JDM cars. My sponsor John has a 94 MR-2 and 92 GTS-T Skyline. Another friend has a 96 GTST Skyline, another a Pulsar GTI-R. There's also a Soarer, Chaser, a few RHD Supra's here (mkiv). Ohh, lets not forget the EVO 3. Thats just within a 20mi radius of where I live. All legal, registered, and titled with their non standard JDM vin. Florida doesn't care, just pay the taxes and fee's, about $2500 dollars worth.


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Mar 30, 2005
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This is a little misleading because all of the models mentioned are variations of the JZA70, not the 2.5GT Twin Turbo R. The TTR is just one of those models.

The rest of them have are more or less the same as we got here, just with a 1J.


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Thought I'd bump this and add to the list, it came with momo steering wheel and shift knob, colours available; mica green, black and red. 100% sure all tt-r's are hardtop as they were the lightest model produced. Had full recaro cloth interior as well. Some had digital gauges some didn't. but I believe people get the 2.5gt aero's confused with the TT-R


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Jan 31, 2008
Does anybody know how many JZA70 Twin Turbo R's were manufactured? I may sell mine at some point and I would like to perhaps throw the "rare model" deal around.