GUIDE : Fitting replacement antenna


SM Official Expert: Guide Author
SM Expert
May 26, 2009
Derbyshire, UK
Step 1 - Remove the roller blind and undo the screw holding the speaker down (See picture) on the offside of the car. The grill should now pull off completely


Step 2 - Remove the piece of trim in the boot that sits in front of the antenna (it just pulls out) and then undo the screw shown


Step 3 - Remove the screw cover with a small screwdriver (Careful not to damage these), and then remove the screw behind it


Step 4 - Fold down the back seats and pull back the carpet to reveal this screw, remove it


Step 5 - Remove the screw holding the plastic cover over the seat locking mechanism


Step 6 - Remove the plastic cover by pulling the base out and then sliding upwards. Notice the plastic recess and metal tab, don't snap it!


Step 7 - You now have access to another screw holding the trim on, remove this as shown


Step 8 - Another screw cap and screw to remove


Step 9 - Go along the whole of the centre piece of trim in the boot and remove all the covers/screws completely


Step 10 - The trim should now slide out of the car


Step 11 - With the centre piece removed you should now be able to slide the rear quarter panel towards the centre of the car. Careful, it's not completely free yet


Step 12 - Squeeze the connector as shown to remove the wiring to the boot light


Step 13 - Remove the trim from the car


Step 14 - Press the locking tab and release the connector to the antenna


Step 15 - Use a spanner to undo the 10mm nut holding the bracket to the antenna in place


Step 16 - Pull the breather hose out which runs down to the wheel arch (There should also be a rubber grommit you need to remove)


Step 17 - I had to use snips to remove a cable tie holding the wiring to the antenna body


Step 18 - Reach in and pull the antenna connector straight down and it will slide off the unit


Step 19 - Undo the two screws holding the spoiler trim in place



SM Official Expert: Guide Author
SM Expert
May 26, 2009
Derbyshire, UK
Step 20 - Pull the spoiler upwards and it should be free (There will be a small amount of resistance from the lug at the front)


Step 21 - The picture's not too clear but there is a metal surround with 4 recesses in it. Use a small flatblade screwdriver to unscrew it (It is threaded and screwed onto the antenna itself)


Step 22 - Remove the retainer once it is unscrewed


Step 23 - You should now be able to remove the antenna from the boot. It'll take a little bit of jiggling but you don't need to use any force to get it out


Step 24 - Use a small screwdriver to release the final connector to the antenna unit so you can re-use the wiring loom on your new one


Step 25 - Plug the connector to your new unit and make sure it works before you install it


Step 26 - Put it all back together in exactly the same way you removed it.

Step 27 - If you have an aftermarket stereo fitted then you may need to locate thw wiring and connect up the antenna again. See the guide for stereo installation for the details on gaining access to the wiring.

I found on mine that the black and red striped wire (picture 1) should be inserted into the blue wire with the yellow stripe (picture 2) to make the antenna go up. The pink wire with the blue stripe (Also shown in picture 1) needs to be coupled to the blue wire with the yellow stripe to make the antenna go down.

For my car I intend to fit a relay which uses a 12 volt feed from the antenna connection on the head unit (The blue ISO wire) to switch the blue wire with the yellow stripe to the black/red when the stereo is on and the pink/blue when it is off