GreenChevelless's Remorse: 1992 supra build

Finally got my parts back from the coaters. The exhaust housing and the manifold are black ceramic coated and all the winkle black is from them as well. Im kinda disappointed with the wrinkle black, it looks grey next to all the parts I did myself. I used satin black powder on everything except the ps pulley and the ps reservoir (not pictured) which is Harley Davidson textured black. Also the turbo blanket is a cheap ebay one.
But im just gonna get it back together and enjoy having to tune it and hope not to break it all too soon.

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well I guess ill leave it for now. I had all the intercooler pipes done the same wrinkle black, but I still have the blue couplers. I thought about powdercoating the fuel rail Blue also, but decided to leave it. All my oil hoses have orange firesleeves on them so those will show up like crazy too.


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May 26, 2014
Yeah I like the compressor housing as is too.

Everything is looking great so far, keep it up!

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So this sucks that all the photobucket pics are gone. So I will update with some new pics. Car is 2jzge-t swapped now. Nothing special yet. still working on it.

I also do all my own powdercoating thats why EVERYTHING is powdercoated haha, Pulled the front subframe and rebuilt it. New stainless braided brake lines, new ES lower control arm bushings, Piratetip Subframe bushings, Inner and outer tie rods and boots, Super Poly rack bushings. Rebuilt front calipers and powdercoated.




Heres the 2JZ motor build, Its kind of a bastard. I bought a wrecked GS300 and underestimated the damage, I found another bad motor from a 94 SC300 and combined the two to make a good one. So I ended up with the better rods and pistons, and all the goodies of the vvti motor even tho i didnt use the vvti head.
Crappy T4 Header, BW S362 turbo, Titan cam gears, First state Motorsports fuel rail and 560cc Evo injectors.




CenterForce Dual Friction CLutch

Here it is in the hole.

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Dec 30, 2005
Nice build. I like the wheels.
What car show we're you in?

I see a monster supercharger on the workbench there.
Nice build. I like the wheels.
What car show we're you in?

I see a monster supercharger on the workbench there.

Starbird car show here in Tulsa. about happen again here in February. Been in it twice and both times i was amazed at how much attention the car received in the middle of all very nice custom, domestics and muscle cars. Just nice to have an indoor car show during the winter.

Yea the blower is for my chevelle eventually. Its an 8-71 Weiand going on my 540 tall deck. To the left of it is a b&m 250 blower for a bbc and the right is a P1SC procharger.