ForcedTorque's Slick/Quick Build


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Jul 11, 2005
Satsuma, Alabama, United States
For all you Nay-Sayers who always give me shit about all of my pictures being taken in my own yard, I dedicate this picture to you! And, an update for the rest of you nice people.........the car is now running great, has a current License and Insurance. It has now moved into the road testing/confidence building phase. 4 years of the driveway have got to be worked out of it. So far, it is has about 100 miles of legal driving on it, and driveability issues are almost nonexistent. I am getting some brake noise every now and then, and I have to figure out where my power steering fluid is's not leaking out! That's it for problems.



Jun 29, 2012
Did I understand correctly, Ekumaster employees tuned their ECU on the factory 7mgte engine? The fact is that there are no tuners in my environment and I want to transfer my factory 7M to ECU Motek M48 and I need base maps. It turns out I can use ECUmaster cards on my motor, but in another ECU and it will work correctly or they have cards tables just to get to the engine stand for subsequent tuning?