Destroying an S4


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Jan 13, 2009
New Hampshire
On my way home, it's a 45 minute ride, 55mph the whole way, and about 15 passing zones. I'm cruising along at 65 or so, and out from an abutting road comes an S4 turning onto the main road (the one I'm driving on) with his 3" exhaust rawring. He comes out close enough to me that I have to apply my brakes, which is slightly annoying, but I let it go.

We come on a number of slow cars, and we pass them one after another, me following him the whole time. Finally, we come on a really long passing zone (about 2 miles), and there are 2 trucks going about 50 in a 55. The S4 passes, and I follow we had been for a number of miles...but this time I'm riding 3rd gear and wait for the S4 to move back he does, I mat it and start to pass him. As my front wheel hits his rear quarter, he obviously realizes that I'm going to pass him as well...he mats it (the rawring exhaust from his car says it's probably wide open for him). To say it the nicest way...he doesn't have a chance, and I blow by him.

Seeing him in my mirror makes me feel I let off after I pull right back in the driving lane...and as I expected he's still WOT and starts to approach quickly from behind...I brake boost a little and start to accelerate but not enough to pull on him until his front tire is approaching my rear soon as I judge he's at my door I let it go again in third (I'm driving an auto)....he makes it so that his rear bumper is at my front bumper before I start pulling him in and then again blow by him once I hit the top end of 3rd and shift into OD.

After I pull about 4 car lengths on him, I slow down...but he hasn't had enough. Seeing that the end of the passing zone is coming up fast...I decide to let him pass and get infront of me again. As he does he gives me a big thumbs up.

All in all, it was a good time. I have no idea on his mods...but my guess is probably access port or equivalent stage 2 upgrades (exhaust and computer chip). Either way...I'm still pulling an extra 100 horses on him running about 420rwhp.
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Mar 26, 2006
Should have gave him the "nice Golf dude!" that I give to the Euro tards around here. ;)