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  • Hey we've talked before, I live in Windham. I'm looking for a 7mge or 7mgte long block assembly do you know of any locally?
    Hey, Just checking back on those rims. Any idea when you want to sell them? No rush. And I saw on your build thread that you have a "quick shift mod", Whats that all about? I tried searching it real quick but didn't have much success.

    No idea what kit, didnt think to ask previous owner. I just threw in the MBC i had the other day, but besides that all its got is the intake and exhaust. Once i start working again i have plans for it. or ill just wait till after my deployment and throw a 2j with big single in it. And no im not on NEMS hadnt even heard of it actually. ill look into that today.
    I noticed the body kit on the car. The rear looks like Kiminari...do you know what it is?

    I'm down in Nashua a couple of times a month. I go through Londonderry/Hudson etc etc. I'll keep an eye out. Are you on NEMS (New England Motorsports) yet? http://www.nemotorsport.com/boards/

    What are the car's mods if any other than intake/exhaust?
    im located in Litchfield, little ways past Nashua/Manchester. Never ventured to your area, probably why your radar hasnt gone off lol. I bought the car with the stripes but it doesnt look too bad. Id like to repaint after the winter.
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