Big brake kit (Mercedes S500)


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Jul 18, 2010
Screenshot 2022-02-27 133726.jpgSupra mk3 big brake kit based on the Mercedes S500 (W220) calipers
Following parts are needed for this swap, I will add oem part number when possible but you can skip to the end for a complete list and links.
Mercedes S-Class W220 s500 calipers: OEM part numbers are A0014208283 (left side) and A0014208383 (right side)
If you are buying these used on ebay or from a scrapyard you need the model from 98 upto december 2001. Starting januari 2002 the caliper changes (The later model should also fit but I can not confirm this).
Make sure to check if the correct rotor diameter is marked on the side, it should state 330 (this number refers to the rotor diameter).
Brake pads: A0044200420 (there are about a dozen different numbers for these so double check they fit the S500 before you order them)
Rotors, you have 3 choices:
  • Nissan 350Z
  • Mercedes R-CLass R350 (OE number A1644211312)
  • Mercedes V-Class (OE 4474210012)
The latter is your best option because they don't need any washers and these align perfectly with the calipers. The 350Z requires about 9mm and the R350 about 4mm of washers. In my opinion the less washers the less flex and the more solid the brakes feel.
V-Class rotors (oem part number) 4474210012.
(Yes these are 5x112 but due to the bigger wheel studs Mercedes uses they fit over 5x114.3 without any issues)
Installation itself is pretty straightforward:
  1. Remove stock calipers and rotors and clean up the hub with a steel bursh.
  2. You will need to bend or cut away part of the dust shield (try bending before you cut though!)
  3. Install the hub centric rings and the rotors.
  4. Mount the calipers (Make sure the bleed nipples are facing up!) and bolt them up
  5. Install brake pads and lines.
  6. Bleed the system.
Most of you probably already seen the poormansmod video about this swap, contrary to what they are saying you do NOT need to grind anything off the calipers and do NOT use the AE86 brake lines (the rear lines do not fit the supra!)
Additional parts needed:
  • Caliper bolts x4 **** number pending verification
  • Brake fluid
  • hub centric rings from 60.1 (Supra hub diameter) to 66.6 (mercedes V-Class rotor hub diameter)
  • Brake lines: I used stainless steel lines from ebay and replaced front and back. The mercedes calipers do not use banjo bolts like the supra and neither were mine. If anyone can confirm which model or brand works please let me know and i'll add it to the list.
  • Brake pad pins and clip A0019915260 (in case you are buying used calipers and these are missing.
*Optional: *
You can add the anti squeal pads mercedes uses on the S500, I installed these just to be thorough. A0004210047 x2 (picture below)
Caliper refurbish kit A0004219486 x2

I'm in the proccess of making a template you can print and use to check if a wheel clears the calipers.
  • Calipers: A0014208283 and A0014208383
  • Brake pads: A0044200420
  • Rotors: (V class) 4474210012 or Brembo (09.C064.11)
  • Caliper refurbish kit A0004219486 x2
  • Caliper bolts **** number pending verification
  • Caliper pins and clips A0004219486 - CENTRIC 14303005
  • Brake fluid
  • Brake pads: A0044200420

- Make sure you but the S500 calipers (s320 WILL fit the stock rotors though) the diameter of the rotors is marked on the "feet" of the calipers (eg 330 for the S500)
- The later model s500 calipers should also work but the mounting parts is different.
- Below is a guideline you can use to measure wheels for fitment, add additional clearence where needed

Screenshot 2022-02-27 133706.jpgScreenshot 2022-02-27 134116.jpg



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Jun 4, 2017
Just to add that MB issued revised spring clips for the S500 calipers to stop noise/squeal. Pic and part # for new clips. Old style verses new in 2nd pic



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Mar 8, 2022
Thanks for the info guys....

I have a 1989 with stock saw blades.
Am I going to have to go with a larger wheel for this brake upgrade?


Nov 12, 2005
Clinton, NJ
Super useful info here! This has been the best guide I've seen thus far, with all the other issues worked out in previous guides.

One other thing i've also read is that the S600 345mm brakes are also compatible, they look very similar but the calipers have 345 stamped on them instead of 330 and you will need to use ML rotors.


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Jul 2, 2014
Thoughts on using this Lexus RX350 328.1mm for the S500 caliper? (screenshot below) Trying to find a better option for rotor.
I'm thinking this setup would still need washers, but it appears I don't need a hubcentric ring since it should be the same hub bore. Using AutoZone and Brembo's website, they list the RX's rotor bore as 62mm but searching around shows the hub diameter on an RX350 itself should be the same as the MK3, 60.1mm So the Rotor has 1mm of room. Not sure if this is right

Another plus is the PCD is proper at 5x114.3... I know the Merc's 5x112 fits fine since the large holes, but I'm just unsure.

One concern on the RX rotor is the thinner 28mm vs the 30mm 350Z or 32mm R350

If I go RX350, would 28mm thickness be fine on this caliper? Can you tell me if I'm right that I'd need to space the caliper still?
I'm planning to get the calipers soon, leaning S500 (though I red on SF about the S600)...
Anyways, if I go S500, I can be a guinea pig and pickup a rotor if need be, just thought I'd check for some input here first.

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Apr 27, 2007
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I am not sure where you get your rotor specs from, but have you looked at the GS350 non f sport rotor? Its 30 mm thick and 13.2 diameter. Not sure where to find the hub size.

I am looking at this options as the recent price adjustments for AZP brakes make them not in my reach anymore.