an eg hatch.. i know its been a while since a race so i figured


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Oct 28, 2008
Orlando, Florida, United States
ok so on the way home from work i was makin a left onto a major highway in orlando and at the corner of my eye i say a 240 so i figued id show off a little since i had the 1j setup done not to long ago. so i powered over onto the highway and of course some random civic thought it was for him... we hit about 4 red lights and he jumps and i wasnt about to race a riced out civic. finally at the 5th light i took off normal and at around 3k in 3rd he decided to pop his stupid vtech while one car ahead of me then i was like f that and hammered. shifted early about 5.7k into 4th by that time i gained 1/2 a lenght then by the time we got to i wanna say 80 i had hime by a whole car then he fell off. even after that the little fucker still tried to mess with me..... ricersssss

My setup:
Stock 1j swap
Walbro fp
k&n 4in cone filter
mk4 tt wheels with new htr zIII's


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Jan 13, 2009
New Hampshire
Sounds like fun...I never race civics cause they are usually one of two types:

Type 1: a POS with a fart can that isn't worth the fuel to pull on


Type 2: a turboed JDM whatever that's pushing like 5/600whp that will stomp on you all day long

so either way....I never race a civic, but congrats on the kill :)