A341e Transmission


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Jul 27, 2015
Hi Folks!

So, the core of the problem!

Having 1.5JZ-GTE and FP HTA3794r, using MS109 fuel on 35psi.
The transmission is A341e.

Made few races versus R35's (GT800 4.3L Manley and GT1000 3.8L stock block) - absolutely fucked up when the 4th gear (O/D) is on... :: angry :: I suppose, the problem is in % of losses. :cry:

1st Gear 2.531 2nd Gear 1.531 3rd Gear 1.000 O/D Gear 0.705 Reverse Gear 1.880 Final 3.916

According to the tires and the logs I have the 4th gear (O/D) is on after 230kmh

So, would like to discuss whether the changing of gear ratios of the 4th gear (O/D) would help or not? Thinking of changinf it from 0.705 to 0.753 (from A343f). So , it would be shorter for about 25km/h.