1. E

    Oil Leak

    hey guys i know this is a very broad subject to touch on and i dont really know if you guys can help me out with my problem but any thing helps. so me n my pops rebuilt my 7mgte and when when everything was finished and when we got the car running it started to leak oil it was a little bit at...
  2. 1

    7M N/A build

    Hi everyone, This is my first thread on SM! It is the build of my 7M-GE motor, I am not interested in massive HP gains... yet.... I will save that for later after I get a solid running n/a that's reliable. So I bought my 1986.5 Supra for $650 last december with an engine that was knockin' my...
  3. Bulkierzero

    stock dyno numbers

    I was just wondering what your stock 7mgte dyno numbers. I had my mk3 on the dyno the other day 230 hp 340 tq. Its competly stock expect for a 3" exhaust. Is this what you guys are around?