1. toyMKIII

    Any info on Soarer front end conversion?

    When I first saw pictures of I believe Soapra's car, and his front end conversion to a second gen Soarer face, I thought it looked great. This is rare as I am usually 200% adverse to these types of changes. I didn't think that I'd ever find myself doing it to my own car.... but- More and more...
  2. SC300fivespd

    i dont always mod cars, but when i do..

    Here it is guys, i know some of you have been waiting for this for a while now, and noticed I haven't really posted anything about my car in a super long ass time. no i didn't sell the car, it has been going through MAJOR changes! last you guys saw it was at this stage.. 1. Well, this bad...
  3. 1jz-soarer

    R8 Style Gated Shifter For My Soarer

    Hello people of the Internet i was looking around on the Internet for an R8 style gated shifter for my soarer so i was wondering if anyone on here heard of it or seen it for sale somewhere. From what i can see it just looks like a thin shifter shaft and the metal plate replacing the shift boot...